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China says yes to Nokia-Microsoft deal
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 08, 2014

China's Ministry of Commerce has approved Nokia's sale of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft. China is the latest regulator to approve the transaction, a process that took longer than expected because of approval issues in some parts of Asia. Microsoft and Nokia must still close the deal once all the necessary approvals are obtained, but Nokia anticipates the $7.2 billion deal being finalized at some point this month. Once completed, Nokia's handset division, product pipeline, and manufacturing assets will be run by former CEO and current Microsoft executive Stephen Elop.

Google I/O 2014 Registration opens April 15
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 08, 2014

Don't worry, you're not the only person scrambling to find the Google I/O registration link today. There isn't one because Google has pushed back the registration by one week. Registration will open Tuesday April 15 and run until Friday April 18. Anyone can register for a chance to purchase the $900 tickets to grant access to Google I/O and gear to help developers build new apps, but Google will select attendees at random. Students will be able to attend for $300. Google I/O 2014 registration will go live one week from today, so anyone interested in attending should start saving money just in case they are accepted.

Samsung and HTC can't help doing the same thing on April Fools' Day
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 01, 2014

This is the day that companies trot out fake products that are either boring, rehashed jokes or silly ideas that when you think about them might actually make for good products. In the case of HTC and Samsung it's closer to the former than the later, but both companies happened to have practically the same idea.

Old BlackBerry phones still outsell new BlackBerry phones 2 to 1
By Andrew Kameka on Friday March 28, 2014

BlackBerry today announced its earnings for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2014. The Canadian manufacturer and service provider turned in predictably disappointing results, but not as disappointing as analysts had expected.

App Store, Google Play, and other digital download prices may rise because of VAT changes
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 24, 2014

The price that UK residents pay to download their favorite apps or songs may increase next year due to changes made in the way that Value Added Tax (VAT) is calculated on digital sales.

Microsoft's Nokia purchase expected to be completed in April
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 24, 2014

Microsoft has received approval from almost all of the major regulatory bodies in the world for its bid to purchase the Nokia Devices and Services division. However, the deal that was expected to be completed by now is heading toward completion next month.

Google bought Green Throttle Games to launch an Android gaming console
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 12, 2014

When Green Throttle Games removed its Android Arena app from Google Play last November, it was assumed that the removal was because the company planned to shut down. Now it appears the doors closed because Google purchased Green Throttle Games.

NSA blocked from destroying surveillance records
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 11, 2014

A federal judge has blocked the National Security Agency from destroying records on the controversial phone surveillance practice unearthed by The Guardian in 2013. The NSA planned to destroy records of metadata collected from telecom companies, but US District Judge Jeffrey White prevented the agency from destroying the records until he is able to hear arguments about the case. The Electronic Frontier Foundation successfully petitioned Judge White to issue the temporary restraining order because the records may be useful for lawsuits filed against NSA for its tactics. The judge will hear arguments from both sides on March 19. More information on the case can be read at Bloomberg.

Using a smartphone in a car is sometimes legal, rules California judge
By Andrew Kameka on Friday February 28, 2014

Looking at a smartphone while operating a motor vehicle is not automatically illegal because the law does not specify that all activities are banned, ruled a California appeals court.

European Commission takes a closer look at Apple and Google in-app purchases policies
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 27, 2014

The European Commission is the latest government body to examine how Apple and Google, the two largest forces in mobile app and game distribution treat in-app purchases.