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Tim Cook says the Apple Watch is a game changer and China to get Apple Pay
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 25, 2014

Tim Cook's four day visit to China where he has tried to smooth relationships with authorities and pave the way for further Apple growth in the country has come to an end. On the final day of his trip he spoke to Chinese news outlet Xinhuanet and revealed Cupertino's plans to bring Apple Pay to the Chinese market while also iterating that China is at the forefront of the company's plans, a line that has become the theme of this visit.

Google to name Sundar Pichai VP of all core products
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 25, 2014

Google has undergone a major shakeup as CEO Larry Page has reportedly handed the reins of most of the company's products over to Sundar Pichai. As the SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps, Pichai is already heading up some of Google's core products, but Page is willing to give him control of the company.

Microsoft posts solid Q3 earnings
By Luke Jones on Friday October 24, 2014

It is one of those times of the year when the giant tech companies offer their financial results for their third (calendar) or fourth (fiscal) quarters. Microsoft is the latest company to do just that and it turns out things are going surprisingly well for a company that is oft rumoured to be struggling in the mobile space.

Apple turns corner in China
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 23, 2014

Apple has turned a corner in China and in many ways has managed to replicate its global model in the country. The result of that, according to CEO Tim Cook, is that Apple is now "investing like crazy" in China and through his latest visit to Beijing he said just what that meant. Cook confirmed that Cupertino plans to open 25 new retail spaces within Greater China (Hong Kong and Taiwan included) over the next two years.

Tim Cook's open letter to Apple employees
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 21, 2014

In the wake of another bumper quarterly earnings report, Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent an open letter to all of the company's employees. In the letter he thanks the workers for Cupertino's success and told of a bright future while discussing new products.

Apple's massive Q4: $42.1 billion revenue, $8.5 billion profit
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 21, 2014

Apple has announced its Q4 (calendar Q3) results and the numbers are typically outstanding, as good as they have ever been during the September quarter actually. It was the biggest fourth quarter the company has ever recorded while overall earnings and income were up considerably over (the also bumper) third quarter period.

Apple to record massive revenue increase for Q4
By Luke Jones on Monday October 20, 2014

Apple had a bumper third quarter as the company saw iPhone sales best analyst predictions, while Mac sales increased too. The result was a massive period, one that is traditionally Cupertino's slowest as customers await new products launching in the fall. The company?s fiscal Q4 (third quarter on the calendar) is typically a big period as new products start to take hold, and analysts are predicting good things for Apple's upcoming earnings call.

Google impresses through third quarter
By Luke Jones on Friday October 17, 2014

Google has confirmed its position as one of the world's biggest companies with a solid third quarter performance that was up from this time last year. Mountain View boosted revenue by 20% year on year to rake in $16.52 billion over the last three months. Of course, much of Google's revenue comes from other sources away from mobile (advertising chief among those), but mobile and Android are key to the company continuing to drive its business model.

Xiaomi says Jony Ive should test its device amid accusations of copying
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 14, 2014

Apple has unsurprisingly taken a hard stance against companies who copy their devices and Cupertino's chief designer Jony Ive has been particularly vocal on the matter. When we think of knock off devices we think of cheap Chinese offerings from nondescript brands; sure, Apple has accused Samsung of copying, but we do not associate this kind of thing with a major tech brand.

Eric Schmidt gets deep about search, ethics, and competition
By Luke Jones on Monday October 13, 2014

Before there was Android, Maps, Play Store, Gmail, and all the rest there was Google Search. The search engine defined the company and in many ways still does, it is still comfortably the most widely used search product on mobile, no matter what platform you use. Google Search is a cultural icon, something that love it or loathe it changed the way human beings live their lives.