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Here's why Sony is Avoiding Quad HD Screens
By Luke Jones on Thursday May 28, 2015

The shift to Quad HD screen technology is well underway. Starting last year with the LG G3, most major Android vendors have at least one device with 1440p displays, but Sony is one company that is sticking to 1080p Full HD for its flagships. The recently launched Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z3+ both came with 1080p and it seems the company is going to stick with the older technology for a while longer yet.

Samsung Regains Market Top Spot, While Microsoft and Sony Slip out of Top 10
By Luke Jones on Monday May 25, 2015

The sales numbers for the major smartphone manufacturers through the first quarter of this year have been revealed, and actually they throw up little in the way of surprise. Of course, through the fourth quarter of 2014, Apple topped the market with an unprecedented period, beating Samsung in the process. However, the Korean company has now wrestled back number one spot in the market through Q1 of this year, while Chinese companies continued to make their presence felt.

Microsoft, Lenovo, and Xiaomi Interested in Buying BlackBerry?
By Luke Jones on Saturday May 23, 2015

BlackBerry has been struggling for several years and in that time rumors have been consistent about several companies wanting to buy the ailing Canadian giant. The company formerly known as RIM is rebounding slightly right now, but still those reports of potential buyouts persist, with the latest suggesting several companies are interesting in purchasing the brand.

Motorola Offers Big Savings in the U.K.
By admin on Monday May 18, 2015

Motorola is having a spring sale in the United Kingdom starting today, with the company slashing the prices on a number of its products. If you are in the UK you can take advantage of the savings starting Monday and ending Wednesday. The sale includes the company's top products like the new Moto X flagship, the Moto 360 smartwatch, and the Nexus 6 handset.

Apple to Sell over 50 Million iPhones this Quarter
By admin on Friday May 15, 2015

Apple always has bumper quarters, but the last two have been particularly special with the company smashing records during Q4 in 2014 and then easily besting its own personal numbers for the first quarter. Now analysts are saying Cupertino will continue its record breaking run by having a stellar second quarter too.

LG Dominates Screen Market with 68% and 90% of Revenue
By admin on Wednesday May 13, 2015

We have discussed before how Sony's camera lens making business is thriving in the mobile space, and in fact is propping up the ailing Xperia brand. Sony is not the only major manufacturer enjoying success beyond its handsets though, with market research firm DisplaySearch saying 68% of all smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2015 had a LG screen on the front.

Phablet Sales Surge in First Quarter
By admin on Friday May 08, 2015

Kantar Worldpanel has released its data about smartphone distribution in the United States through the first quarter of this year, and the numbers show that Phablets are making an impact. The research firm found that 21% of all smartphone sales in the US through the first three months of 2015 were large screen phablet handsets.

Qualcomm Responds to Snapdragon 810 Overheating Problems
By admin on Thursday May 07, 2015

Qualcomm is suffering a bit of a marketing crisis at the moment thanks to its flagship Snapdragon 810 processor. The chip has been reported to suffer from overheating problems, and apparently this prompted Samsung to use its own Exynos processors in the Galaxy S6 and for LG to use the lesser Snapdragon 808 chipset.

Sony Camera Sensor Business is Dominating Smartphones
By admin on Thursday May 07, 2015

Sony's Xperia smartphone division is taking a beating recently, bleeding money and failing to find a spark with consumers. Considering Sony makes good devices, it is hard to see why, but the company has even reportedly thought seriously about selling the Xperia brand like it did its VAIO personal computer division last year. However, Sony still has a shot to get back to profit and to make money from mobile phones.

New Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Solves Overheating Issues
By admin on Wednesday May 06, 2015

LG launched the G4 flagship smartphone last week and surprised many by announcing it with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and not the beefier Snapdragon 810. With Motorola apparently doing the same with the next Moto X and Samsung shunning Qualcomm altogether for the most part, the pressure is on. The Snapdragon 810 has been plagued with overheating issues and we wrote after the G4 launched that we wouldn't be surprised if Qualcomm quickly replaced it with a new flagship chipset.