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iOS App Downloads Up 42% to All-time High
By Luke Jones on Monday November 24, 2014

App marketing firm Fiksu has revealed its latest data regarding app downloads through October and found that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus along with iOS 8 accounted for a huge jump in downloads to an all-time high. The new reports shows that there has been a 42% increase from September for the top 200 free iOS apps that the company tracked through October. Those applications accounted for 7.8 million downloads, a 39% increase from this time last year.

Noted Analyst Predicts 71 Million iPhones Sold in Q4
By Luke Jones on Monday November 24, 2014

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrived in September to much fanfare and instantly began selling like proverbial hotcakes. The new devices crushed sales records through their launch window as Cupertino's year of growth continued with stellar third quarter results. Sales for the iPhone have grown year on year through each period and now one analyst is predication that this quarter will yield unbelievable numbers.

EU Wants Google to Remove Search from Other Services
By Luke Jones on Saturday November 22, 2014

Google has fallen foul of authorities in Europe on numerous occasions and the latest war between the search giant and the European Union is just warming up. The "right to be forgotten" regulations imposed on Google seem to be just the beginning as the Financial Times is reporting that the EU is going to try to force Google to unbundle it search business (its chief income source) from all its other services.

Microsoft Says 50 Million Lumia Handsets Activated
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 19, 2014

Microsoft was speaking in Germany and had plenty to say about Windows Phone and its newly acquired line of Lumia devices. The giant claimed that 50 million Lumia devices have now been activated, but of course most of those sales are thanks to Nokia and not Microsoft, with Redmond only buying the Finnish company's phone business this year.

Samsung Cutting Smartphone Product By 30% In 2015
By Luke Jones on Tuesday November 18, 2014

Samsung has had an awful 2014 that has brought declining sales across the board and tumbling profits quarter on quarter. The Korean company has been left reeling by huge competition in Asia from Xiaomi and increased rivalry at the high end by the likes of Apple and LG. Samsung has said it would reshape its smartphone strategy to combat the problems and today we can see the company's new smartphone plan.

Blackberry Names New Executive
By Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014

Hardly a bit of showbiz news here as Blackberry issued a press release today introducing us to its new executive. Ladies and gentlemen meet Howard Stevens, a 20 year veteran of telecom industry sales who has now become Senior Vice President of Global Carrier Sales. Sexy stuff we know, who needs new smartphone announcements when you have that!

Samsung to make 80% of Apple's processors in 2015
By Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014

Samsung has recently said that it would continue to build the bulk of Apple's processors in the coming years despite Cupertino cooling its orders this year. Many envisage a time when Apple severs ties entirely and for next year's i products the timing could have been perfect. However, it seems the company is not ready to cut a lucrative deal (for both parties) just yet as the Korea Times says Samsung has finalized a deal to build 80% of Apple's chips next year, including the current A8 and future A9 processors.

Sony's New Camera Sensor Ups The Imaging Ante
By Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014

Sony has taken the wrapping off a new camera sensor today that should point to the future of smartphone imaging in the near future. You may be thinking why a new Sony component would show the direction of all smartphone shooters, but the Japanese company is a chief supplier to many of its smartphone rivals with lenses and other camera parts.

Wearable Designer Slams Samsung's Design Ethos
By Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014

Ditto is a new wearable (not a smartwatch) product that features a way to get simple notifications, created by designer Bob Olodort. However, Olodort is also known as a former designer for Samsung, on a third party basis and for a short time. It did not seem like a good experience as he has had some scathing things to say about the Korean giant.

Nokia will not make smartphones anymore
By Luke Jones on Friday November 14, 2014

Today could spell truly an end of an era, not just in mobile but in the tech world as a whole. It seems that Finnish company Nokia will not be making mobile phones again, despite being able to in 2016. Nokia's new CEO Rajeev Suri said "We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se," during a talk today. However, should we really be saying goodbye to the Nokia brand?