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Blackberry targets iOS 8 in new Fact Check
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 10, 2014

With iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, Apple is claiming it has the best productivity and enterprise smartphone, especially now that Apple Pay takes care of NFC mobile payments. However, the king of mobile enterprise has a few things to say about that and Blackberry has delivered a "Fact Check" slideshow to compare its own BB10 operating system with Apple's iOS 8.

Apple to appeal Samsung sales ban decision
By Luke Jones on Saturday August 30, 2014

Apple's legal battle with Samsung shows no signs of stopping as Cupertino is still unhappy with the terms of its victory over the Korean giant. The long saga took a new twist this week after a decision was made to deny Apple's request for a sales ban on several Samsung devices in the US.

Most people do not download apps
By Luke Jones on Monday August 25, 2014

ComScore has been picking over the finer details of the mobile industry again and this time turned the spotlight on apps to find some interesting conclusions. The company totted the number of app downloads per month and found that a large percentage of mobile users actually didn?t download any apps... not one... nothing.

Apple opens battery replacement program for the iPhone 5
By Luke Jones on Friday August 22, 2014

Apple today revealed that some iPhone 5 units have been suffering battery issues of late, where the power pack "may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently." Cupertino's response has been rapid as the company has now opened up an iPhone 5 battery replacement program for those affected by the issue.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 arrives for benchmark
By Luke Jones on Saturday August 16, 2014

Qualcomm is the go to chip manufacturer for flagship devices, especially the Android vendors who are all in a scramble to be the first to have any new chipset from the company. Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors have become one of the first things to look for on the spec sheet, with the latest versions a hot topic in the mobile space.

OnePlus lambasted for Ladies First promotion
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 13, 2014

We have seen some patchy marketing techniques employed in the mobile world over the years, but OnePlus perhaps had the most embarrassing and just plain wrong in some time. The company has been lambasted rapidly and firmly for its "Ladies First" forum campaign and has since at least had the good grace to take it down.

Samsung recommended more often than Apple
By Luke Jones on Monday August 11, 2014

Apple is a brand based in the United States, while its iPhone is the most popular single handset on the market, but research has shown that carriers and retailers would prefer to sell you a Samsung. A study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel revealed that carriers and companies in the United States would sell a consumer a Samsung product before an Apple one.

Apple tops OEM market share in the US again
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 07, 2014

ComScore's usage and market share data revealed yesterday that Android continued to be the number one platform in the mobile world. Google's OS beat out Apple's iOS by 9% of the market, but while the platform is thriving, what do last quarter's results mean for manufacturers. Of course, Android and to an extend iOS are spread through multiple devices, so how are the OEM's fairing?

Android tops US market last quarter
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 07, 2014

Android's hold on the smartphone market remains strong in the United States as Google's platform topped market share in the country over the last three months. However, Android's share of the platform market in the States did fall slightly, while nearest rival iOS recorded a slight jump in popularity.

Apple and Samsung make peace around the world
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 06, 2014

Apple and Samsung have decided to let bygones be bygones outside of the United States as the two companies settled their court differences.