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iPhone 5c sales remain strong, tops UK in August
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 01, 2014

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may be stealing all the headlines from just about every other device, but the old iPhones are not doing too badly either. That even includes the often ridiculed iPhone 5c from last year, or as some others consider it, the plastic one. However, the 5c has been a proper success and it normally gets close to the top of best seller lists, such as in the UK where it has been the best-selling handset in August.

Microsoft opens a flagship retail store in New York
By Luke Jones on Monday September 29, 2014

Microsoft has become a hardware brand these days. Sure, the company still generates most of its income from Windows and other services such as Office, but the company also has its own Surface tablets and Lumia (bought from Nokia) smartphones. So, Redmond is now a member of the hardware gang, but does that mean the company has the clout to sell its gear in a dedicated retail space, a-la Apple?

Blackberry recovering as losses tumble
By Luke Jones on Friday September 26, 2014

Is Blackberry rebounding or is the path to its demise just levelling out? It depends who you listen to of course, but one thing is certain, the company's losses are moving in the right direction. That's probably a weird statement, but the truth is Blackberry's losses are falling and the company is creeping slowly back to being a profitable entity. However, the road is still long and there are no guarantees that the Canadian brand will ever reach its desired destination.

Samsung's smartphone future is hard to predict
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 25, 2014

Samsung has faced some tough times of late, an interesting thing considering this is a company that still makes billions of dollars and is still comfortably the number one smartphone vendor. The fact is though the future is not as smooth as it once was and there are plenty of unanswered questions within Samsung?s Korean HQ. When one of your own divisions explains that things are not going very well then it is probably time to start finding new ways to do things.

Steve Wozniak likes the iPhone 6 and will ditch Android
By Luke Jones on Friday September 19, 2014

Apple co-founder and the general tech brains behind Steve Job's passion and drive, Steve Wozniak, has given his verdict on the iPhone 6 and seems to have given the device a thumbs up. That may seem a given, the company co-founder liking the newest product, but those familiar with "Woz?s" history will know that him liking an iPhone is a big deal.

Tim Cook launches new security page with open letter to Apple consumers
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 18, 2014

The recent celebrity nude gate was for the most part laid at the feet of Apple, or more to the point the company's iCloud service. While it was first thought that iCloud was hacked, Cupertino has since confirmed that it was actually a phishing attack that found the passwords to enter celebrity accounts before posting nude images of them online.

Cool infographic shows every facet of the iPhone 6 production
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 17, 2014

We have been sent this fantastic infographic by CompareCamp.com that breaks down the entire iPhone 6 manufacturing process and shows why and how Apple build its all-conquering flagship. It is no surprise to see that the focus of production is on China, but while many thinks that is because of labour costs and cost effective measures, that is not necessarily the case.

Sony cuts mid-range devices from strategy
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 17, 2014

Sony has been quiet on the smartphone front this year. Sure, you may be thinking about the flagship devices that the company has launched this year from the Xperia Z range, but there have not been a slew of mid-range and low end efforts in 2014. The ailing giant has gone someway to explaining that by confirming that it will be cutting down on mid-tier and budget smartphones in the future.

Samsung is developing its own sitcom... look away now
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 16, 2014

Oh please no. I just checked the calendar and no, it's not April Fool's Day so this news that Samsung is planning its own sitcom is the real deal. As worrying news goes this is right at the top so we can probably expect many cringe worthy moments ahead from the Korean company. The show is about to start shooting and will be a South Korean production centered on a fictional Samsung worker and his/her friends.

Blackberry targets iOS 8 in new Fact Check
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 10, 2014

With iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, Apple is claiming it has the best productivity and enterprise smartphone, especially now that Apple Pay takes care of NFC mobile payments. However, the king of mobile enterprise has a few things to say about that and Blackberry has delivered a "Fact Check" slideshow to compare its own BB10 operating system with Apple's iOS 8.