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T-Mobile makes spectrum purchase to strengthen 4G LTE in Kansas City, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Mississippi Valley region
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 28, 2013

T-Mobile today announced that it has purchased 10 MHz of Advanced Wireless Services in order to boost its bandwidth position as it prepares to deploy 4G LTE in the Mississippi Valley region. Here's a list of some of the areas that will benefit from the purchase.

MetroPCS approves T-Mobile merger
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday April 24, 2013

MetroPCS and T-Mobile are now one. Following approval from the necessary U.S. government regulators, shareholders of MetroPCS voted in favor of merging with the U.S. subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

T-Mobile offers MetroPCS stockholders a better deal, merger vote postponed
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 11, 2013

The T-Mobile-MetroPCS planned merger has faced so much opposition from major shareholders that T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom has submitted a new offer in order to gain approval, and that has caused MetroPCS to push back the stockholder vote that was to decide the matter tomorrow.

Huawei Premia for MetroPCS brings 4G and 1.5GHz dual-core processor for bargain basement price
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 21, 2013

MetroPCS today announced a new Android device to its 4G LTE portfolio. Continuing its trend of low-price midrange smartphones, the new Huawei Premia 4G joins the network for the low price of $149 without contract.

FCC approves T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger deal
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 12, 2013

T-Mobile and MetroPCS have gained the approval of both the U.S. Department of Justice and the FCC for their proposed merger to form one company. Now only one major step remains.

MetroPCS tells stockholders all the reasons they should vote to approve T-Mobile merger
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 12, 2013

MetroPCS and T-Mobile are on track to gain government for their proposed merger, but the companies will still need MetroPCS stockholders to approve the deal. In anticipation of an April 12 vote on the matter, MetroPCS has sent a letter urging stockholders to approve the deal.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger clears DOJ hurdle
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 06, 2013

The proposed reverse merger between T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS won't be opposed by the Department of Justice. The review period for the DOJ to attempt to block the merger has passed, leaving only a few more steps for the deal to be finalized.

LG Spirit 4G brings high-level features to MetroPCS for only $199 with no contract
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 31, 2013

MetroPCS is pushing the boundaries of the type of smartphone people expect to find on the budget carrier, especially when one considers that the newly announced LG Spirit 4G Android smartphone costs only $199.

MetroPCS simplifies 4G LTE plans with three tiers of unlimited talk, text, and data
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 10, 2013

MetroPCS has revised its calling plan options to include a streamlined approach with fewer stipulations. The fifth-place carrier has adopted three-tiers of plans that provide varying degrees of access to its 4G LTE network.

MetroPCS ends 2012 with 460,000 fewer subscribers
By Andrew Kameka on Monday January 07, 2013

In what could be its final year as an independent company if its merger with T-Mobile USA is approved by the U.S. government, fifth-place carrier MetroPCS lost nearly half a million customers in 2012.