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Verizon Wireless cuts prices to be more competitive with AT&T plans
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 03, 2014

Though the carrier has long said that it charges more for a premium network because it delivers "better" service, Verizon adjusted the higher tiers of its More Everything plans to compete with its chief rival.

Verizon Wireless will likely sell the new HTC One on March 25
By Andrew Kameka on Friday March 21, 2014

It has already been confirmed that Carphone Warehouse will put the All New HTC One on sale minutes after the UK press event wraps next Tuesday. New information makes it incredibly likely that Verizon Wireless will do the same in the US market.

Verizon Wireless leads network performance tests, T-Mobile miffed about last place results
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 06, 2014

Verizon Wireless is the best performing network, followed by AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Analytics firm RootMetrics recently released those rankings, which pleased Verizon and obviously upset T-Mobile.

Verizon Wireless ALLSET Plans become new prepaid option, starting at $35 per month
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 03, 2014

Verizon Wireless today announced a rebranding and shift of its prepaid option, now know as ALLSET Plans. The plans provide unlimited calling and texting on a basic phone or $45 on a smartphone, and total costs are affected by data choices.

Verizon Wireless launches "More Everything" plans that raise data, cut prices
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 13, 2014

Verizon Wireless today announced "More Everything" plans designed to increase data allowances and increase options for international messaging without increasing the price.It's a deal for some and inconsequential for others.

Verizon adds 1.7 million new customers despite T-Mobile pricing competition
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday January 21, 2014

Despite T-Mobile applying pressure with big drops in prices, Verizon Wireless still reported that it had a net profit of $7.9 billion, a big turnaround from the $4.23 billion loss during the same period in 2012.

Verizon Edge offers monthly smartphone upgrades if you're rich enough to afford it
By Andrew Kameka on Monday January 20, 2014

Verizon Edge was introduced in response to T-Mobile JUMP as a way for customers to gain a faster path to upgrading their phone. Verizon is now making the process faster by cutting the waiting period from six months to 30 days.

T-Mobile will pay Verizon more than $3 billion to improve network with spectrum buy
By Andrew Kameka on Monday January 06, 2014

T-Mobile has confirmed previous rumors that the fourth place carrier would make a big spectrum buy from the leading carrier, Verizon Wireless. This will introduce important changes in areas where most of its customers live.

Verizon starts same day shipping on smartphones
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 03, 2013

The Amazon Prime Air drone delivery method may be a pipe dream, but Verizons new same-day delivery option is very much a reality. Verizon Wireless has started a new program that will ensure that a phone ordered in the morning will be at the customer's doorstep that evening.

US carriers agree to end premium SMS spam
By Andrew Kameka on Friday November 22, 2013

AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have announced that they will cease charging subscribers for premium texting services, most of which are nothing more than spam that tricks users into paying highly monthly fees for unwanted messages.