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Daily Brief: Feeling insecure about Android, Apple resorting to playground tactics, Microsoft's Lumia plans, and more
By admin on Thursday July 10, 2014

Wednesday brought with it news that your data on Android is not quite as gone as you thought it was, while Apple didn?t take too kindly to being the only company being told off, so quickly roped in Google. Microsoft's early days with Nokia are taking shape and what?s happening with the Google Play Store?

Daily Brief: Motorola to show Android L some love, a bad day for Samsung, and the rest of what happened on Tuesday
By admin on Wednesday July 09, 2014

Yes... and the rest of what happened on Tuesday, which is our way of confessing that in terms of headline grabbing stories, it was a little flat. However, that does not mean nothing happened in the mobile arena on Tuesday, so take our hand (or not) and we'll guide you through the day's events.

Introducing the Daily Brief
By admin on Tuesday July 01, 2014

We are launching a new feature here at MobileBurn that we call the Daily Brief. Yeah, we are hardly an original bunch with names, but as you can probably guess, the Daily Brief is a summary of the happenings in the mobile world throughout the day. Each evening we will bring you a bunch of bite sized action from all the latest news, launches, rumours, and features.