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Huawei may win first UK phone equipment order
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

China's leading phone manufacturer, Huawei, is well on its way to announcing a wireless network order from the UK joint venture Everything Everywhere, in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom AG and France Telecom SA, according to two people with knowledge of the situation. The two also mentioned that the deal may be announced on May 9, marking the first major wireless win for Huawei in the UK. After attempting to build out a wireless network in the London Tube system before the 2012 Olympics, Huawei had agreed to donate the equipment from the scrapped project as part of the deal.

NVIDIA acquires Icera, launches two-pronged attack on mobile industry
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

NVIDIA today announced an agreement to acquire baseband processor maker Icera, which helps develop 3G and 4G data networks used by phones and tablets. The $367 million cash acquisition is expected to reach completion in 30 days. When the companies combine, they will be able to offer both application and baseband processors, which will help manufacturers deliver products to market faster and meet the requirements of next-generation mobile computing. Plus, by offering two main processors, NVIDIA will have about doubled its revenue opportunity per device. Furthermore, this acquisition will allow NVIDIA to invade territory currently dominated by Qualcomm, dividing NVIDIA's attack on mobile into two fronts: processors and radios.

Samsung, Android get top rankings in comScore MobiLens report
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

Today comScore released its MobiLens data, revealing Samsung to be the top U.S. handset manufacturer for Q1 2011 with a 24.5 percent market share. Google's Android operating system turned out to be the number one smartphone OS, controlling 34.7 percent of the market.

Mobile phones foster jealousy among Indian newlyweds; state responds
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

The Punjab State Commission for Women in India has issued an official advisory asking newlywed brides to focus on their domestic duties rather than have long conversations on their mobile phones, as it could foster jealousy in their husbands. Commission head Kaur Sangha explained to AFP that the advisory was meant to keep new couples close and bonded during the transition into adult and married life, and keep suspicion out of the home.

White iPhone 4 triggers Beijing brawl outside Apple store
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

Apple has had to make some adjustments to its white iPhone 4 sales strategy, as a scuffle broke out in the line outside of an Apple store in Beijing this weekend, shattering a glass window and apparently wounding a customer, according to the WSJ. It's no surprise that the race to get the latest and greatest from Apple has been a feisty one, to say the least, but this particular show-down got more out-of-hand than any other in China.

Samsung Galaxy S II sees 3 million pre-orders to date
By Jordan Crook on Monday May 09, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S II has made quite a splash in its first few weeks on the market, tallying out 3 million pre-orders worldwide, according to its manufacturer. That 3 million comprises the 120,000 units pre-ordered by South Korean Samsung-loyalists, plus the unreleased number of pre-orders flowing in from other countries such as the UK. For those who are still unfamiliar, the Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, rivaled only by the LG Optimus 2X, the Motorola ATRIX 4G, and the upcoming HTC Sensation, all of which also sport a dual-core processor under the hood. Android 2.3 runs the show on the Galaxy S II, powering the TouchWiz UI on a Super AMOLED display. If those specs weren't impressive enough, the 8 megapixel camera on the rear should ice the cake for you. Interested customers should check out our hands-on video with the Galaxy S II.

Sprint postpones BlackBerry PlayBook launch...again
By Jordan Crook on Saturday May 07, 2011

Sprint subscribers looking to buy the BlackBerry PlayBook will have to hold out a bit longer, as the carrier has delayed the launch once again, according to a document addressed to dealers and revealed by BriefMobile. This will be the second delay from Sprint, as the carrier also postponed its original April 19 launch, and now the previously promised May 8 launch. The document from Sprint ensures that the new launch date will be communicated as soon as it's available, and suggests that dealers that have bought PlayBook display units should keep them safe and handy. Currently the PlayBook is available as a Wi-Fi only unit, with no major carriers distributing the tablet at this time. However, a PlayBook 4G model should join Sprint's WiMAX network this summer.

Poynt integrates push services, syncs PlayBook with smartphone
By Jordan Crook on Friday May 06, 2011

The BlackBerry Poynt application has integrated BlackBerry push services into the PlayBook version of the app, which allows a user to make a call on their BlackBerry smartphone with a number on the PlayBook. After syncing the devices within the Poynt application (not with BlackBerry Bridge), the user can click on a phone number found while web-surfing on the PlayBook, which will initiate a call on the BlackBerry smartphone. The app also lets you save the number to the smartphone address book, send a map to the phone, or send directions to the phone. On a tablet that is seriously lacking a variety of apps, this Poynt application should get some nice traction with the addition of BlackBerry push services.

Microsoft launches Bing Maps SDK for iOS apps
By Jordan Crook on Friday May 06, 2011

Microsoft has released a software development kit for Bing Maps on the iPhone that will allow app developers to integrate Bing Maps into their applications. The SDK grants developers access to Bing's road, aerial, and hybrid maps, and offers the ability to add pushpins to maps. The SDK will also offer the ability to pinpoint the phone's location on the map, using the iPhone's GPS receiver. The release of the Bing Maps SDK means that we may be seeing iOS applications that no longer make use of the on-deck map program built into the OS. The SDK is free for registered developers to download now.

T-Mobile misplaces subscribers, earnings; hopes AT&T doesn't notice
By Jordan Crook on Friday May 06, 2011

T-Mobile had a rough first quarter this year, announcing an earnings drop of over $200 million year-over-year. And that's not even the worst of it, as the carriers subscription tally is on the decline, with a loss of 99,000 subscribers in the first quarter, leaving its total at 33.6 million subscribers. In the last five quarters, T-Mobile has only seen an increase in subscribers once, losing a total of 56,000 customers over the course of 2010.