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    Samsung Live Streaming Galaxy S6 Launch

    With Samsung's MWC just around the corner, it is time to make final arrangement for the reveal of the Galaxy S6 flagship and the Galaxy S Dual Edge. The South Korean company will be announcing both device on March 1st, and now Sammy has confirmed that it will be live streaming the event on its YouTube page. More

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    Panasonic Debuts Solidly Spec?d Eluga U2

    Panasonic is still not a major smartphone name across the globe, but the company does great business in Japan, where it is even above Samsung in terms of market share. The company is looking to expand into other regions, and I am excited to see the high-end CM-1 (with a 1-inch camera sensor) in the US this fall (even if it is $1000). The company has something more affordable lined up too in the form of the Eluga U2. More

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    HTC Live Streaming One M9 Launch for MWC

    HTC has announced that it will be live streaming its event at the Mobile World Conference where the company is expected to launch the One M9 flagship. March 1st, 7:00 am PT is the time when you can check out the start of the event that HTC is leading with the "Let them Stare" motto. More

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    Sony to Announce Xperia M4 Aqua at MWC

    We are just a weekend away from the Mobile World Conference starting, and in the calm before the storm there are a flurry of leaks. While HTC's and Samsung's upcoming flagships are the talk of the smartphone world, Sony will also have a few smartphones making their debut at the expo in Barcelona. More

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    LG G Pro Begins Android 5.0 Lollipop Update in Korea

    The LG G Pro is a couple of years old, the Korean company's then flagship phablet has even been replaced by the G Pro 2 and the line is set to be discontinued in 2015. However, LG is still supporting its aging device it seems as the company has begun rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop to the G Pro. Although, it is worth noting that at the moment the upgrade is exclusive to South Korea, but will almost certainly move to other regions in the coming weeks. More

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    Galaxy S6 Edge Dual Screens for Aesthetics Only

    This is one of those rumors that we hope will not come to be true. Reports in Korea are suggesting that the Galaxy S6 Edge that Samsung will launch on Sunday alongside the Galaxy S6 flagship will actually be called the Galaxy S Dual Edge and will feature two side screens and not just one. All good so far, but now things get a bit disappointing as those dual screens will apparently have little functionality and will be mostly for aesthetic purposes. More

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    Google to Announce Android Pay at I/O Conference

    Samsung is apparently discussing the ins and outs of mobile payment with PayPal with a view to launching the so-called Samsung Pay alongside the Galaxy S6 next week. With Apple already in the mobile payment market with Apple Pay, it seems that now is the right time for Google to enter the fray too. The Search giants will apparently announce Android Pay at the Google I/O developer conference in May. More

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    Next Nexus Smartphone Could be Built By Chinese Company

    While Google is a dominant name globally, the company is not as powerful in China. Yes, its Android platform is the most used OS in the country, but many of the devices running Android in China are forked and not linked to Google's services (the way the company makes money from Android). The company's Nexus devices have never really been popular in China either, but that could be changing this year. More

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    Acer MWC Teaser Points to High End Device

    Acer's quest to join the smartphone elite will continue at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona next week when the Taiwanese company launches new handsets. There are reports that the company will debut a new Windows Phone smartphone, while the familiar Android toting Liquid series will also get some new additions. On top of that, Acer is also set to showcase its new wearable device. More

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    Samsung Freezes Employee Salaries

    I have written before that the continuing decline in Samsung's smartphone business will ultimately have an impact on the company's employees. Certainly, rumors have been circulating for some time that the South Korea giant will cut jobs during 2015. That would follow up on 30% of the smartphone division being cut last year, but Samsung has taken another drastic action of freezing employees' salaries this year. More

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    LG G Watch Urbane LTE Calling and Extended Battery Life, No Android Wear

    The recently launched LG G Watch Urbane, a wearable that may have a claim to being the best looking smartwatch yet. The Urbane will have some other calling cards too, including LTE and from what LG says, the best battery life we have seen before in such a wearable. There will be two versions of the G Watch Urbane, a regular one, and one that is packing LTE, allowing it to make calls. More

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    Samsung Meets with PayPal Over Mobile Payment System

    The more cynical would say it was inevitable that Samsung would explore a payment system, especially now that Apple has one. Samsung is known to be interested in setting up its own Apple Pay style product and Samsung's heir Lee Jay-yong met with PayPal founder Peter Thiel yesterday about linking together on Samsung's payment system. More

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    Apple Watch to Launch with 100,000 Apps

    Apple's first wearable, the Apple Watch, was announced back in September, but the company left plenty disappointed by saying the actual launch of the product would not happen until 2015. The actual launch date is still not clear, but it is expected for April and there were some good reasons why Apple waited. Chief among those was to allow develop interest to grow, a plan that seems to have worked. More

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    Microsoft to Launch Four Budget Smartphones at MWC

    Samsung and HTC will be the ones to watch at MWC next week, but there will be other major companies launching smartphones at the event. Chief among those is Microsoft, with Redmond likely to announce a number of new handsets from its Lumia range. However, if you are pining after a flagship device from the company, then you may be left wanting. More

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    HTC One M7 Gets Android Lollipop in Europe

    HTC's aging One M7 is starting to get its upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop, at least if you have the unlocked and Developer Edition version. Now, users of the handset rocking the European version will also be treated to the latest and greatest on their One M7, a smartphone that is now nearly two years old. More



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