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    US carriers detail Galaxy Note 4 release dates and prices

    Here's the fact; the Galaxy Note 4 is the best smartphone Samsung has ever made, and it is arguably the best smartphone ever made, period. The handset launched at Sammy's IFA event in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and we have been waiting on availability ever since. Today, the major US carriers have confirmed when the device will be available for pre-order and when it will start shipping. More

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    Moto X will not arrive on Sprint confirms Motorola

    Have Motorola and Sprint had a falling out? It has been revealed today the Motorola's new flagship, the Moto X, will not be available via Sprint, the third largest carrier in the United States. The handset went live through AT&T and T-Mobile today, with a Verizon variant due later in the month, but Sprint has been left out. More

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    New DROID coming to Verizon next month

    It seems the DROID line is going to get a new device, with Verizon preparing a new smartphone in the series to launch in October. The carrier's exclusive line of devices is due for a refresh as the 2013 models are starting to get a little long in the tooth. Apparently Big Red has been taking its time in developing this handset and could usher in some general changes for the DROID brand. More

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    Tim Cook launches new security page with open letter to Apple consumers

    The recent celebrity nude gate was for the most part laid at the feet of Apple, or more to the point the company's iCloud service. While it was first thought that iCloud was hacked, Cupertino has since confirmed that it was actually a phishing attack that found the passwords to enter celebrity accounts before posting nude images of them online. More

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    Amazon's new tablet line up detailed in full

    Amazon has taken a thrashing in the smartphone market with its Fire Phone flagship flopping to be one of the tech disasters of recent years. However, the retail giant does have a history of making moderately successful hardware with its Kindle tablets, while the company's Kindle e-readers have proven the market leaders in that niche. More

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    OnePlus cancels production on StyleSwap covers

    The release of the OnePlus grows ever more farcical today as the company confirmed that it is cancelling its StyleSwap covers entirely. These covers were the interchangeable cases that OnePlus had crafted to adorn the One flagship, available in a number of high end and unique materials (wood anyone?). However, it looks like back to the silicon shell or leather case for all you OnePlus customers because the StyleSwap is no more. More

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    Cool infographic shows every facet of the iPhone 6 production

    We have been sent this fantastic infographic by CompareCamp.com that breaks down the entire iPhone 6 manufacturing process and shows why and how Apple build its all-conquering flagship. It is no surprise to see that the focus of production is on China, but while many thinks that is because of labour costs and cost effective measures, that is not necessarily the case. More

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    Sony cuts mid-range devices from strategy

    Sony has been quiet on the smartphone front this year. Sure, you may be thinking about the flagship devices that the company has launched this year from the Xperia Z range, but there have not been a slew of mid-range and low end efforts in 2014. The ailing giant has gone someway to explaining that by confirming that it will be cutting down on mid-tier and budget smartphones in the future. More

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    Android Silver killed by Google and bearing fruit in Nexus

    Earlier in the year we were all writing obituaries for Google's Nexus line of hardware devices as it was widely reported that the company was nixing the range. It was thought that the Android Silver project would be replacing the Nexus branding as Google sought to move into a new high end space. With new Nexus devices imminent, the rumour has been exploded and it now looks as though Google will instead kill off Android Silver. More

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    ZTE ZMAX phablet coming to T-Mobile

    ZTE and indeed other Chinese brands are looking for ways to get their devices more coverage in western markets, especially in the United States. However, the company is now releasing a handset in the US market in the form of the ZMAX, the newest phablet from the smartphone giant. The Chinese company has teamed up with popular US carrier T-Mobile and the ZMAX will be an exclusive on the Magenta Network. More

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    Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus review roundup

    Quelle surprise, everybody likes the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Hardly shocking stuff as Apple could put out a feature phone with and i on the front of the name and win rave reviews (the general consensus so far has been 90%, 9 out of 10, that kind of stuff). The early reviews for Apple's new flagship devices are in and the general word is that both are very good handsets, with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 apparently a better choice than the iPhone 6 Plus. More

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    Oppo N3 due next month with strange camera housing

    Oppo's N1 smartphone flagship made a name for itself back last year because it has a rather cool swivelling 13 megapixel camera that could be used for normal shots and selfies. However, Oppo for some reason did not support the 5.6-inch leviathan, not even upgrading it to Android 4.4 KitKat. The company is now gearing to release another camera oriented device in the shape of the N3, and the Chinese brand has sent out invites for the launch event. More

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    HTC Desire 510 arriving on Sprint

    HTC's ever growing choice in the US market has another new entry today as Sprint announced that it would be carrying the budget minded Desire 510. This is the handset that the Taiwanese company launched in London back in September, the company's entry level smartphone is now finding its way to the US market. More

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    Samsung is developing its own sitcom... look away now

    Oh please no. I just checked the calendar and no, it's not April Fool's Day so this news that Samsung is planning its own sitcom is the real deal. As worrying news goes this is right at the top so we can probably expect many cringe worthy moments ahead from the Korean company. The show is about to start shooting and will be a South Korean production centered on a fictional Samsung worker and his/her friends. More

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    Panasonic's Lumix CM1 is more camera than smartphone

    If you take a look at the main image above, you would be forgiven for thinking that this mobile centric website had suddenly become CameraBurn. However, this device is actually a smartphone that is simply masquerading as a camera; so, the ultimate camera phone then. Or that is certainly the intention with the new Panasonic Lumix CM1, an Android powered smartphone that is the Japanese company's first in over two years. More