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    Apple responds, says iCloud not responsible for nude celebrity leak

    If you have seen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence wearing... well nothing at all, you are probably familiar with the celebrity nude photo leak that has happened this week. A slew of Hollywood starlets have had their modesty exposed after a massive hack took images from the smartphones and pasted them all over the internet. More

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    Blackberry Blend makes BB10 larger... and more

    Blackberry is expanding its software with Blackberry Blend, a new feature that will allow a user to connect their device to a larger screen. Sure, you are probably already thinking that smartphones can already do this, but Blackberry Blend is different to other similar features in that it adapts to the extra screen real estate and offers a different interface. Blackberry is saying this will allow the user to get more out of their device. More

  • product

    Gionee's Elife S5.1 is the world's thinnest smartphone

    The world's thinnest phone has been officially launched and it is a smartphone you will never have, or maybe even never want. The Gionee Elife S5.1 from Chinese brand Gionee was revealed sometime back, but is only getting its official launch today, boasting a minimal 5.1mm thick (or should that be thin?) body. More

  • rumor

    Here is the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

    We know plenty about Sony's upcoming Xperia Z3 flagship after several massive leaks revealed all but the finer details of the handset. However, the Xperia Z3 Compact, the smaller version of the device has managed to stay quiet with just a day to go until it is launched. Today though the Compact has showed up for some revealing images that are among the clearest leak shots we have ever seen. More

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    Minor Android 4.4.2 patch for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5

    AT&T has issued a new Android 4.4.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 today, fixing some minor issues found in the full 4.4.2 build. The second largest carrier in the United States issued the patch last week, but only today is it starting to arrive on S5?s over the air. More

  • editorial

    Mobile Security in-depth: Windows Phone is the most secure platform says Microsoft

    With frequent reports of insecurity on Android, it is time to throw the spotlight on Google's main mobile platform rivals. We will take a look at iOS later in the week, but today we will focus on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1, a platform that struggles to compete with Android in terms of market share but is apparently much more secure. More

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    2015 is the due date for the iWatch, mystery deepens

    We reported on the weekend that Apple's much anticipate iWatch was finally close to being a reality as the company could launch it alongside the iPhone 6 next week. However, while that is still entirely possible, DigiTimes is reporting today that the device is not ready for launch and will not arrive until 2015. More

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    ASUS CEO confirms ZenWatch at under $200

    Ahead of its IFA 2014 event ASUS has confirmed that it is launching a smartwatch and that it will cost under $200. CEO of Asus Jerry Shen said in a Taiwanese media briefing that the device will be called the ZenWatch and it will be launched at IFA this week but will not be rolled out to the market until October. Shen also managed to hint that the wearable will be available across the globe and will not be limited to Asia and emerging markets. More

  • rumor

    Moto X+1: metal build, material options, 3D screen, and rear button

    The Moto X+1 has leaked enough times now that when the handset is actually launched in three days' time we will already know most of the things there is to know about it. However, a new detailed shot of the Moto X+1 from TKNews throws up plenty of fresh information about the Motorola flagship and even raises a few new questions. More

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    HTC smartwatch coming this month

    HTC has announced no plans for the IFA trade show this week, but some reports suggest the company will release its first ever wearable smartwatch at the event. However, Chinese leak expert @Upleaks says that HTC will skip IFA and will instead launch its smartwatch later in the month. More

  • rumor

    Sony has two wearable products for IFA

    Sony has been open about some its IFA line up, while other products from the company have outright leaked. Last week the company issued an image on its website that showed an unknown wearable, which led to speculation that a SmartWatch 3 would land at the Berlin based trade show later in the week. The seems to be the case as Sony will be launching a new version of its wearable, but will also be rolling out another smartwatch product. More

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    Apple planning NFC competitor with finance heavyweights

    We have heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 6 arriving with NFC for contactless payment, which would make Apple very late to this method. Cupertino has long held out against NFC while all of its rivals on Android and beyond have included the technology. Now Apple may be planning its own contactless payment method and will team up with a number of heavy hitting companies to deliver it. More

  • editorial

    Device guide for IFA

    Last week we brought you a guide to IFA and what the companies had planned, but with the Berlin trade show just around the corner we thought we should look at some of the devices rolling out later this week. So, without further ado, here is our device guide for IFA 2014. More

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    Nokia updates Z Launcher

    Nokia actually no longer making hardware is not an easy thing to take, after-all, this was the company that dominated the mobile scene for years and was one of its leading lights in the early years. However, Nokia sold its devices division to Microsoft earlier in the year and is now focusing on its services and software. More

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    Samsung's Android KitKat plans

    Samsung has detailed its Android KitKat plans for a slew of devices, bringing version 4.4.2 to a bunch of its products and confirming Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 for others. The Korean company is often slower than some of its rivals (for example, both HTC and Sony's 4.4.3/4 plans are well underway), but it is nice to see Samsung dealing with so many of its devices in one swoop. More