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    HTC to launch other smartphones on Windows

    HTC is expanding its horizons later in the month by launching its HTC One M8 flagship on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. At the moment the M8 is very much an Android device, one of the best in fact, but HTC sees a window of opportunity to jump on the growing Windows Phone OS. More

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    Galaxy Note 4 specs leaked by retailer

    With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to land in a few weeks' time at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, the anticipation surrounding it is high. The leaks have been pouring out in recent days, including our first look at the handset, and retailers are getting in on the act now. More

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    Motorola Shamu device shows up for benchmark

    An unknown Motorola device has shown up on GFXBenchmark and arrives with a codename we have seen before "Shamu". That codename has cropped up previously through the summer and there seems to be a few possibilities as to what it could be, especially as it is running top end hardware like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. More

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    Samsung's latest trademark points to three screened smartphone

    One of the more fanciful rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was that it would come with a folded screen, giving the device three viewing panels. As it turns out, the design of the Note 4 is a little more conventional than that, but that does not mean there will never be a Note device with a folding screen. More

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    OnePlus lambasted for Ladies First promotion

    We have seen some patchy marketing techniques employed in the mobile world over the years, but OnePlus perhaps had the most embarrassing and just plain wrong in some time. The company has been lambasted rapidly and firmly for its "Ladies First" forum campaign and has since at least had the good grace to take it down. More

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    Samsung's virtual reality set leaks online

    Virtual reality has been heralded as the next frontier in gaming, while companies like Oculus Rift are paving the way for the tech to be used in other applications too. Sony unveiled its gaming oriented VR set earlier in the year and it is widely thought that Samsung will announced its own virtual reality project sometime this year, likely at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month. More

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    HTC to launch in-house services to Android, Zoe first

    As Android skins go, HTC's Sense UI is one of the better ones, even if it still irks the Android purists out there. The Taiwanese company has been putting its Sense onto Android for a while now, with the UI now in its sixth iteration. Along with Sense, HTC has a number of its own apps and services and the company has decided it is in the sharing mood and will make all of its in house software available on other Android devices. More

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    Android 4.4 KitKat grows again

    KitKat's ascension in the Android market continues as version 4.4 of Google's mobile platform spreads itself to even more devices. Market figures that show Android usage figures for the first week of August reveal that Android 4.4 KitKat now accounts for 20.9% of all devices running the platform, including tablets, smartphones, and more. More

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    Samsung finally launches the Galaxy Alpha

    It is finally here. One of the most discussed smartphones of this or any year has been launched as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Alpha. The phone has been consistently leaked and talked about over the last two months, generating the kind of attention reserved for proper flagships. As we started to expect though, the Alpha is not a flagship at all, despite its slick looks. More

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    Samsung kills the Tizen based Galaxy Z

    The Samsung Galaxy Z was a device that caused plenty of interest in the MobileBurn offices when it was unveiled a few months ago. I wrote at the time that in my opinion it is one of the nicest looking devices from Samsung in a long time, while its specs were very good, and it run on Samsung's own Tizen operating system. More

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    HTC One Max to return with stunning specs

    HTC has been eager to spread its One M8 flagship line to capitalize on the success of the Android powerhouse. We have already seen the HTC One Mini 2, but the company then shot down rumours of a super phone version of the M8 called the HTC One M8 Prime. That does not mean that a blazing version of the flagship can now be forgotten, as HTC is rumoured to have something else up its sleeve. More

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    Here is the first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    There have been plenty of leaks concerning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, some outlandish and others probable. We have a good idea of the specs the handset will boast, although the design as so far eluded us, paving the way for some bold claims. Now we can lay eyes on the Galaxy Note 4 for the first time, with this leaked shot said to be of the as yet unofficial device. More

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    Yota is invading Canada for Blackberry employees

    Yota is one of the lesser known flagship brands, but the company did cause a stir with its dual screen Yota Phone. The Russian company is now packing its bags and leaving its Moscow base and will instead camp itself in Canada and apparently the reason for the move is to take advantage of some ex Blackberry employees. More

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    Moto G 2 to launch September 10th

    Motorola is launching its new flagship, the Moto X+1 at the end of September, but fans of the American company will not have to wait until then to get their next Moto device. Yes, we are expecting the Moto 360 soon as well, but the new Moto G is also in the pipeline, and according to GSM Arena it will be landing in the coming weeks before the Moto X+1. More

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    Sony Xperia Z2 survived submerged in salt water for six weeks

    Sony was the company that started making normal flagships waterproof when it launched the Xperia Z way back at the start of 2013. The truly amazing thing about Sony's waterproof smartphones, and indeed the ones that followed from the likes of Samsung, is that they work. These things actually are waterproof, if you use it in the bath or drop it in a bucket of water, by all that is holy it just acts like the proverbial duck in water. More