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    OnePlus 2 due in 2015

    Prospective OnePlus One customers are still waiting to be able to get their hands on one of the most affordable high spec'd smartphones out there. However, the company behind the much talked about handset have revealed that a sequel is in the pipeline and will be arriving either during the second or third quarter of 2015. More

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    Tommy smartwatch will cost just $75

    Before ASUS launched its first smartwatch at IFA earlier this month there was a thought that the company would deliver something significantly cheaper than other wearable devices of this kind. As it was, ASUS instead released the premium ZenWatch and passed the responsibility onto another manufacturer to offer the affordable choice. The smartwatch for everyone is now here in the form of the upcoming Tommy smartwatch. More

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    Samsung updates international Galaxy S3 to Android 4.4.4

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an aging device that is now over three years old, but we all remember what a juggernaut it was, amassing huge sales and an army of fans. I think few would argue that pound for pound the GS3 is better than the follow up handsets, the Galaxy S4 and S5, which is why the S3 is still so widely used even three years on. Samsung knows how popular this device is and the company is doing the right thing and continues to support it. More

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    HP to launch Slate 17 tablet

    Over the last 15 years, no company has sold more PCs than HP and the brand is still considered among the biggest computer manufacturers in the world. Like many PC vendors, HP missed the boat with mobile, but with its coverage, market cachet, funds, and technological nous, HP should be a force in smartphone and tablets. The simple truth is though that it isn't doing well in mobile and the reason is products like the new HP Slate 17. More

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    Blackberry Passport sells out in hours

    When Blackberry launched the Passport smartphone last week we wrote about the handset and found that it was very good, a smartphone from Blackberry worth getting excited about. I said at the time that it could hit a sweet spot with its target audience and it seems that is the case as the Passport has gotten off to the perfect start and is on the way to giving Blackberry its first hit in some time. More

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    Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users

    Yes, we are a mobile oriented website, but we are breaking from our remit a bit to talk about Windows 9. That?s simply because versions of Microsoft's desktop operating system these days are the ones that are likely to be uniform across the mobile space too. With that in mind, when Windows 9 lands we can safely assume that a version of it will arrive on tablets and smartphones in due course. More

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    The iPhone 6 will arrive in China soon

    Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch and roll out went swimmingly with the handsets racking up over 10 million unit sales over their first three days on release. Apple will be delighted, but there was a problem with China, with the country not passing the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to be sold in the country. That meant Cupertino was stripped of the chance of selling even more units by rolling out in the world?s biggest smartphone market. More

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    Microsoft opens a flagship retail store in New York

    Microsoft has become a hardware brand these days. Sure, the company still generates most of its income from Windows and other services such as Office, but the company also has its own Surface tablets and Lumia (bought from Nokia) smartphones. So, Redmond is now a member of the hardware gang, but does that mean the company has the clout to sell its gear in a dedicated retail space, a-la Apple? More

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    Do you want an iPhone 6?

    Apple launched the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last week and it was a massive roll out. The company had millions of devices ready to ship, but it was still not enough as the handset smashed records and have ultimately sold out. More

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    Oppo N3 render and specs

    Chinese company Oppo has a new high end phablet coming out soon called the N3, a device that will have an enormous screen and a unique take on the smartphone camera. The handset will be landing in October, which means the leaks are now gathering pace and there is plenty we now know about this device. Today its high end aspirations have been confirmed with a spec list that packs some of the best hardware currently available. More

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    LG to use its Odin chip in the G Pro 3

    LG hit its flagship stride with the G3 that was released a few months ago, but the company has been building solidly to the point of having arguably the best handset available for about two years. More

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    Here is the Motorola Moto Shamu... again

    This is third story on the Motorola Shamu in three days, so we are beating a dead horse a bit here. However, we started the chain, so by heck are we going to finish it. It seems the pace is gathering around this device as yet another image of it has leaked, and we still do not even know exactly what this smartphone will be. More

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    HTC One M8 EYE to ditch 4MP lens for a 13MP one

    HTC has broken tradition in terms of camera technology on its smartphones by not engaging in a megapixel war with rivals, at least on flagship handsets. Much like Apple, the Taiwanese company has a less is more policy and even goes lower than Cupertino with the 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera on the HTC One M8. This rear snapper made its debut on the original HTC One in 2013 and the company insists it is a better mobile photo taking solution than rivals such as Samsung, Sony, and LG. More

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    Oppo offers plastic or metal choice for upcoming N3

    Metal is winning the premium war. Smartphones constructed from metal are deemed more luxurious than those carved from plastic, whether that's the case or not. There are plenty of quality plastic devices out there, but HTC and Apple have pushed the metal is better banner and other companies are following suit, even Samsung. The latest to offer a bit of cold metal premium is Oppo, the Chinese company that likes a whacky camera setup. More

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    Samsung Galaxy A7 is now in testing

    It was widely thought that the Galaxy Note 4 was Samsung's last hurrah in 2014 and would be the company's last attempt at winning back customers and fighting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The Note 4 will be rolling out around the world over the next few weeks, but it may not be the final big roll out of the year from Samsung. More