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    4 million iPhone 6 units sold, the Plus could be more popular

    Apple, rivals, and consumers all knew that the iPhone 6 launch would be huge and would likely crush all previous records. It has proven the case as Cupertino has released its figures for the pre-order stage of the iPhone 6 roll out (the device ships from September 18th) and the numbers are indeed huge. However, there is a trend that points to the larger iPhone 6 being more popular. More

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    The Galaxy Note 4 has the best smartphone screen

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 landed at IFA a few weeks ago and was the blockbuster smartphone we all thought it would be. Its features the very best mobile technology currently available, with its specs sheet reading like a what?s current list in the handset market. It is Samsung's newest assault against rivals who have sought to outdo the company, but just how good is the Galaxy Note 4? More

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    Apple now lets you delete the U2 plague

    And there was me thinking everyone was a U2 fan. Bono and his cohorts have invaded a great many people's iTunes accounts since Apple launched the iPhone 6 and it seems that consumers are not pleased. It turns out most people do not want free stuff when they are forced to have that free stuff as they have reacted angrily to U2's new album simply appearing in their libraries. More

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    Flagship smartphone buyers guide: Fall/winter 2014

    September has been a hot month for smartphone releases, with most tier-1 companies releasing at least one new handset during the month. Most brands have laid their blueprint for the next six months with new flagships, mid-range, and budget devices. The major platforms have plenty of firepower for the all-important holiday season, and what about the up and comers bubbling under? More

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    Android One launches, here are the handsets

    As expected, Google has today rolled out the Android One initiative in India, launching a number of entry level handsets all running the unified Android software. The company has been working on Android One since launching the project back in the middle of the year during the Google I/O conference, and now the launch has saw three new handsets for the Indian market. More

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    Here's the first image of a Windows only smartphone

    We discussed last week why Microsoft had decided to ditch the Nokia branding from future smartphones, while the company is also getting rid of the Windows Phone branding. Microsoft is instead changing the smartphone brand to just Windows, a bid to unify the whole Windows ecosystem. More

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    Sony's new flagship have launch discount in the UK

    Sony launched the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact at IFA last week and after getting my hands on both handsets I can say that they are very good. Sony is rolling them out quickly too, with both handsets now available in the UK, where certain retailers are even offering them at very enticing prices. More

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    HTC Desire 610 is Verizon bound

    HTC has been beefing up its range in the United States of late across a number of the country's carriers, including the Desire 816 and the Desire 610. The latter of those handsets has been available with GoPhone, but is now getting bigger support as it has been picked up by Verizon, the biggest carrier in the US. The handset has also landed on AT&T recently, so now has some serious carrier support. More

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    Samsung's Galaxy Alpha arrives in the UK for a hefty price

    Samsung's premium tinged Galaxy Alpha smartphone launched last month and is now steadily rolling out around the globe. It landed in the United Kingdom today, finding its way to The Carphone Warehouse, available via the company's web store and in bricks and mortar locations dotted around the country. More

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    HTC releases standalone lock screen app

    HTC said that it would be delivering more of its Sense software to the general Android market, moving some of its services away from being an all-in-one software. The company started the HTC Creative Labs team to focus on repacking certain software from the brand's UI so that it could be downloaded in app form on the Google Play Store. The Zoe camera app was the first example of that, but this release is something different. More

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    Windows Phone budget guide winter 2014

    Microsoft's struggles to grow the Windows Phone platform have been myriad, but one of the main problems has been giving the consumer choice. Nokia did an amazing job in every aspect, delivering smartphones of different styles and price points, but in the past if you wanted a Windows Phone you were limited to the Finnish company and the odd effort from elsewhere. More

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    Get and iPhone 6 now... fast

    The biggest launch in smartphone history? Oh, that would be the current roll out of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's latest and I presume greatest flagships. Expect sales records to tumble as rabid Apple fans tear themselves to pieces to get an iPhone, with millions upon millions expected to sell this weekend. The launch has actually been fraught with problems though, but despite that, both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus are already selling out. More

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    How to backup and delete you current iPhone before buying the iPhone 6

    You watched Apple's iPhone 6 launch event, you are a long time iPhone fan, and you thought that you would like to replace your old iPhone for the latest and greatest. As the clock strikes midnight tonight you will be able to pre-order the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and have it on September 18th. However, how do you ensure that you are doing everything right when trading in your old iPhone, and keeping your data safe? More

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    HTC is working on a standalone action camera

    HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone giant, has had a tough time of things recently, with profits on the wane despite a number of fine hardware products available from the company. While rivals have been releasing new flagship smartphones and wearable smartwatches, HTC has rolled out a couple of mid-range efforts and has opted out of the smartwatch market because it doesn't think it can differentiate in a flooded product space. More

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    NVIDIA confirms the HTC built Nexus 9 for this quarter

    Samsung copies other companies and gets sued a lot. It is almost an unwritten rule of mobile tech, but every so often a Samsung court case where the company is accused of patent infringement tends to throw up some juicy information. The latest brand trying to take Samsung to the cleaners is chip maker NVIDIA (the suit is also against Qualcomm) and during the case some information about the Nexus 9 tablet was released. More