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Google Forms Umbrella Hardware Division

News by Josh Dasey on Monday May 02, 2016.

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Google's Nexus product line is a proof of concept series of hardware to show off what exactly the company's Android platform can do in its stock form. There have been rumors for some time that Google what broaden its hardware output, and that has come to fruition as the company has formed a new hardware division.

The division has not been given a specific branding name as yet, but it will be headed by Rick Osterloh, who was the president of Motorola from early 2014 until this year. There is a connection there of course as Motorola under Osterloh's stewardship was sold by Google to Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. In his new position, Osterloh will lead the new hardware division and will be reporting to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

It seems that the new Google hardware division will encompass all of the company's hardware output, including Google Glass, ATAP, OnHub routers, Chromebooks, Pixel devices, Chromecast, and of course the Nexus series.

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