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HTC Shares Rebounds on Back of Vive VR Enthusiasm

News by Josh Dasey on Monday March 07, 2016.

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HTC needs all the help it can get, the company has seen smartphone sales stumble, consumer interest in its flagships wane, and profits and earnings collapse. However, there is a shining light for the ailing giant, and it comes in the form of the Vive VR headset.

In collaboration with Valve, HTC has crafted one of the most potent VR machines currently known of, and in the process put one foot in the door of a market that is going to explode. Virtual and augmented reality is going to change the way we consume entertainment, and HTC is at the starting party for the market.

Even investors are slowly coming back to the company, a stunning turnaround considering HTC's brand value plummeted this time last year. HTC actually announced its lowest earnings in years, but still the company's shares rose some 21% over last week, including 9% on the day of the earnings release. So, why did this happen?

It is almost certainly down to the Vive VR headset, which is the company's only real strong point at the moment. From this small rebound HTC will be looking to build, with the company's One M10 smartphone flagship launching later this month.

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