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Sony Updating Xperia Z5 Range to Marshmallow

News by Micah Bartos on Wednesday March 02, 2016.

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Xperia Z5
Xperia Z5

Sony has started to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the Xperia Z5 smartphone range, the late 2015 flagships that were the last of the Z smartphones before Sony introduced the Xperia Z line at MWC 2016. Sony has made some massive changes to its handsets beyond the normal Marshmallow upgrades, but the company has not said when the upgrade will be making its way to Xperia Z5 (including the Z5 premium and Z5 Compact) outside its home nation.

The changelog is extensive, and looks like this:

Homepage scrolling has new animation options.

Search for applications by tapping the magnifying glass (I believe this was in the concept ROM?)

You can now set how long you want the phone to stay in vibrate (Ranges from 15 minutes to 8 hours to indefinitely).

A quick setting toggle for DND


The SmallApps bar now hides itself when you're scrolling through recent apps.

An option to delete the screenshot taken from the notification shade is added.

New camera app interface.

New home for the rotate image option in the Album app and you can choose which direction to rotate.

Something new is added to the lifelog app.

The image selector in the movie creator app is changed from the android standard selector to a new one?

New podcast widget for the Music app. (RiP WalkmanTM . You will be missed.)

Help button added to the Video app menu for online troubleshooting/help.

The dialer now has filtering

You can now select multiple contacts at once to add to your favorite contacts.

New stickers...in AR fun

Google translate gave me Runtime permissions and the blurb talked about change of app authority, I'd assume this is about the new permissions model in MM.

Now On Tap is a thing on Xperia now.

Doze is also a thing. STAMINA mode will be added in sometime in April . SoonTM

App standby.

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