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HTC Teases One M10 Ahead of March Launch

News by Luke Jones on Saturday February 27, 2016.

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One M10 Teaser
One M10 Teaser

The Ball's in your court HTC. Just about all of the company's main Android rivals used the MWC week to launch new flagships, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, and Sony. The Taiwan based giant also announced some low end affairs, but the HTC smartphone we all want to see is the One M10, the company?s upcoming flagship device.

There have been rumors that the handset will launch in March, and HTX seems to be confirming that by launching a teaser for the One M10.

Quite simply, there is a lot riding on this device for the company. The One M9 flopped hard and without the range that had been propping it up, HTC almost collapsed ... huge losses, non-existent sales, a decline in brand value, you know the kind of stuff. So, the One M10 has to be more than a flagship that treads water, It needs to be something fresh and cool, a trick HTC has not pulled off since the One M7.

Indeed, that excellent and market pointing handset is looking increasingly like a one off (or should that be last hurrah?) for HTC, and we are not enthused by the reported leaked images of the One M10. Those images show it to be something of a Samsung and Apple clone, so we are wondering where the differentiating factor will be.

In terms of specs, the One M10 will have all the familiar stuff (Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 820 processors, 4GB of RAM, etc.), but then again all flagships have those.

So here?s the ball HTC, what are you going to do with it?

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