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HTC Vive Pre-orders Go Live Feb. 29th at $799!

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday February 23, 2016.

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HTC Vive
HTC Vive

Ouch! We knew it would be expensive, but HTC has just revealed that the Vive VR headset will cost a massive $799 when it launches to consumers on February 29, open to pre-orders.

The company has followed the path of Oculus (the Oculus Rift will cost $599) and priced its fully featured PC based headset highly, a move likely to be mirrored by Sony when the PlayStation 4 launches later in the year. It is a contrast to the likes of Samsung and LG, who have prices their smartphone based VR headsets more modestly, and in vast contrast to Google's mega-affordable $20 Cardboard headset.

Whether the Vive is worth that much money depends on how fixated you are with the virtual reality scene and how much content HTC and Valve can support the product with out of the gate. I am a huge fan of VR as a concept and think it will change our lives very quickly, but even for me $799 is an eye-watering amount of money to pay for what may still be a proof of concept product.

As part of the package, you will get the headset itself, two room sensors, two wireless controllers, and if you reserve your unit, two titles to get your VR experience started.

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