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Samsung Galaxy S7 Getting 17 Hours Video Playback

News by Josh Dasey on Saturday January 30, 2016.

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We have heard plenty about the Samsung Galaxy S7, the company's latest (and upcoming) flagship smartphone. It seems that Sammy is cooking up another beastly masterpiece, and one that may be at the upper limits of battery life expectations in the current market.

Eldar Murtazin, who usually gets things right, says that the Galaxy S7 will be capable of 17 hours of video playback, or at least that is the number Samsung will claim at launch. Is that the result of the S7's rumored jump from a 2,550mAh battery on the S6 to a 3000mAh juicer on the soon to launch handset? Maybe, and by the way, while 3000mAh is hardly massive these days, it is all about how you use it, so don't be fooled by the relatively small battery.

Now, what about this 17 hours of playback? Well, it is hardly a number that is absurd, especially when we consider the Galaxy Note 5 (Samsung's current cream of the crop) offers 15 hours of video playback. It should be noted that 17 hours is the number Samsung sets based on its own criteria and conditions, so your own experience could differ depending on myriad factors.

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