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Samsung Splashes the R&D Cas

News by Josh Dasey on Tuesday January 26, 2016.

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h Samsung makes a lot of money (second only to Apple in the mobile industry), but the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world also spends a lot of money. As well as having the largest advertising budget of any mobile company, Sammy also spends the most on research and development (R&D).

The South Korean company spend a staggering $14.1 billion on R&D in 2015, second only to troubled automotive giant Volkswagen. However, it is worth remembering that Samsung is not just a mobile company and that most of the R&D expenditure was actually away from the smartphone industry. Indeed, mobile is no longer Samsung's chief business, making up just a third of the company?s earnings.

Apple has finally made it into the list with an R&D expenditure during 2015, but again this is thought to have little to do with mobile and more to do with the company's explorations for Apple Car.

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