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Microsoft Apps lets you see all Company's Apps under One Roof

News by Josh Dasey on Friday December 18, 2015.

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Microsoft has launched a new app on Android that specializes in finding other Microsoft built apps on Android, its entitled Microsoft Apps. While the idea of the company still giving software to another platform still feels novel, Microsoft has actually been pumping apps out on Android for some time. Pumping them out is a solid description too as Microsoft Apps shows that the company has 80 different applications in the Google Play Store.

That makes Microsoft one of Android's biggest developers, and yes we know how ironic that seems at first. It's a give and take relationship of course, Google gets a major company building apps for its platform, while Microsoft gets both the coverage and cash generated by developing on the most popular mobile system of them all. The company does something similar on Apple's iOS, and it has proved to be something of a cash cow, with Redmond making over $1 billion from Android in 2013 alone.

Of the 80 apps, Microsoft does not necessarily develop all of them from inception to release, but the company does have some hand in all of them (some merely as a publisher). Either way, you can now check them all out under one roof if you download Microsoft Apps for free from the Google Play Store.

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