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Apple Launches iOS 9.2, Bug Fixes and New Features on Board

News by Josh Dasey on Tuesday December 08, 2015.

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Apple's iOS 9 has been adopted by a great many users of the company's platform, but like most major software builds it had a fair few bugs and issues. Cupertino is continuing to stamp on those bugs with the release of iOS 9.2, which among other things will also deal with some problems brought with iOS 9.1.

Namely, there was an iOS 9.1 bug that switched off alarm settings without notification, not ideal if you are waiting on that important meeting. Apple says that issues has now been fixed with iOS 9.2, while the over the air upgrade also takes care of some other problems while also adding a few new features and functionality.

An example of a new feature is in Apple Music, where adding a new song to an existing playlist will give you the option to create a new playlist if you choose. Users with DSLR cameras can now upload videos and photos directly to a device rocking iOS 9.2 without having to sync via a computer. Apple News in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia has been supplemented with a new Top Story ribbon to see the biggest stories around the world.

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