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Huawei Wins Big through Third Quarter, Samsung's and Apple's Hold Strengthens

News by Luke Jones on Thursday November 19, 2015.

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Whenever smartphone sales figures are announced we of course discuss how Samsung is comfortably atop the pile and how Apple is second, and how the two companies are both doing very well for themselves. However, below Sammy and Apple there is a huge battle going on for third place in the market, and this folks is where the action is at.

We'll touch on Samsung and Apple later, but in the last round of sales results release by Gartner is shows that Huawei is further staking a claim to be the runaway third largest brand on the market. The Chinese company has been enjoying growth throughout the year and during the third quarter Huawei sold 27.26 million units, a near 12 million rise year on year for a 7.7% of the market.

That puts Huawei on a level above fellow Chinese companies Lenovo and Xiaomi, who had both been challenging for third spot. Lenovo was the big loser, selling 17.4 million units for 4.9% of the market, although the company declined from 21.3 million units during Q3 in 2014. When Lenovo purchased Motorola last year the company spoke as if it was all but guaranteed to become the third largest smartphone brand. However, while Motorola's output has been excellent, devices under the Lenovo brand have failed to ignite like Huawei and Xiaomi rivals.

Speaking of Xiaomi, the company also claimed 4.9% of the market with 17.1 million unit sales, up from 15.7 million units through the same period last year. LG, which for a brief time in the post success period of the G3 flagship was challenging for third place too, but a tough 2015 has seen the South Korean company slip away from the running.

Samsung continued its dominance with 85.5 million smartphones sold during the third quarter, enough for 23.7% of the market and a growth in profits for this first time in a long time. Apple sold 46 million iPhones for second place with 13.1%, but as we revealed yesterday the company made 95% (yes, you read right) of all profits in the mobile industry during the period June 1 through September 30.

Microsoft is banded in with the "other" category in terms of smartphone sales the company also takes third place when all types of mobile phones are considered. That of course means feature phones, which do not make the company much money, but did ensure that it sold a combined 30 million handsets during the last quarter.

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