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Google Launches YouTube Music

News by Luke Jones on Thursday November 12, 2015.

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YouTube Music launched today for users of Android and iOS, downloadable from those platforms respective app stores. This is the latest music streaming service that will be taking the fight to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Google's YouTube Music has a potential ace card in that it also delivers video content, building on the services roots as an online video portal.

Chances are you catch most of the latest music videos on YouTube, so Google is banking on consumers being willing to sign up to have the music content on tap. While you may be thinking why can't you just you the YouTube app, the new music streaming service brings more to the party than the simple YouTube player.

Video and songs will essentially be on demand and from the home tab you can personalize what content you want, with the service choosing content based on your habits. There will also be customized radio stations, but these are going to be more glorified playlists and not bona fide stations. There will also be a trending tab to see the most popular songs of any moment, while the "One the Rise" tab helps you to discover new artists and songs.

As you probably know, searching YouTube for a specific song or video does not just turn up the official music video for that song. Instead you are presented with alternative versions with live renditions usually the most common. YouTube Music will also offer those as streaming content, meaning you can get live recordings of your favorite songs and artists... certainly something rivals cannot offer anywhere near as robustly.

Signing in to the app will give you a free two week trial from the get go, but the cost if you want some extra perks will be $9.99 per month, which is something of a standard for this sector. For that monthly payment will you lose the ads, be able to listen to music offline, and listen to content while other apps are running. The paid version will also offer an audio mode which means the video of a song is not played.

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