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Editorial: Tablets sinking so why not Target the PC?

Editorial by Luke Jones on Wednesday November 04, 2015.

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Apple's tumbling iPad sales may have made Android fans happy, but the humor will not live long as the tablet market as a whole is in what is increasingly seeming like terminal decline. Digitimes Research and TrendForce say that all tablets will decline over the fourth quarter and through the first period of 2016, whether it is a slate from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, or the myriad other companies.

Both outlets suggest that tablet sales for Q4 2015 (the busy Holiday Season) will total 58.7 million, while the figure over the same period in 2014 was 76.1 million.

Apple's position of the tablet market numero uno will remain untouched, while Samsung will remain a distant second behind its great rival. The problem for all companies (including those two giants) is that their slates are selling less and less and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. Even devices like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are doing little to increase consumer enthusiasm, no matter how admittedly excellent they are.

The big problem is that, like the PC before it, tablets are stable products. That means a consumer buys one and does not need to upgrade it for several years. Sure, tech fanatics and those who must have the latest and greatest will buy every yearly iteration, but casual consumers (who make up the bulk of sales) do not care.

Even yours truly, an editor of a major mobile website, is still rocking the original iPad Mini... there has simply been no compelling reason to upgrade it. Unless there is a new defining product, something that innovates on a large scale, it is hard to see how tablets can climb out of the slump. Perhaps waging war on the PC is something companies can do, trying to kill the home computer off once and for all, while convincing consumers that tablets are the alternative.

The fact no slate (the Surface aside) has managed to really deliver a full PC experience is telling, but it means it is still an avenue to explore. However, while targeting PCs may be a way forward, at the moment the tablet market mirrors closely the PC one, only tablets are declining faster than the personal computer ever did.

source: TrendForce and Digitimes

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