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Samsung Tops Smartphone Market in Q3

News by Ang Torres on Thursday October 29, 2015.

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Strategy Analysts has released data that shows Samsung outsold rival Apple almost 2 to 1 in the third quarter to re-confirm its position as the number one smartphone manufacturer on the market. Well most outlets will peg this as an interesting Samsung vs. Apple debate, it really isn't, for several reasons. However, it does say a lot about Samsung's market position in the long term and how the company is dealing with a poor 2014.

We'll get the Samsung vs. Apple rubbish out of the way first. Samsung dominated Apple with 83.8 million smartphone sales during the third quarter to take a 23.7% slice of the market. In contrast the iPhone was responsible for 48.4 million sales and a market share of 13.6% share of the smartphone market. This is great for Samsung, but it is not bad for Apple.

The two companies have been like this for years, Samsung selling huge amounts of devices with a vaster portfolio, and Apple playing to margins, selling well and raking in cash. Both continue to thrive in their own model, Apple even increased sales year on year, while Samsung is showing signs of resurgence after a torrid 2014.

Indeed, the Korean company has renewed its dominance over Android rivals (actually a far more important fight for Samsung) and while sales are tipped to decline this year overall, the company is getting its hardware right and consumers are showing up to buy them again.

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