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Sony CEO Talks Up Image Sensor Business

News by Josh Dasey on Wednesday October 28, 2015.

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Sony may be struggling in the smartphone market (despite launching excellent devices), but the company is thriving in one other mobile area. We are talking about mobile image sensors of course, where Sony enjoys a dominant market share and supplied camera tech to many of its smartphone rivals. Indeed, the company is doing so well in this area that it re-strategized to make image sensors its primary focus moving forward.

CEO Kazuo Hirai is eager to make the most of what is now the Japanese company's most potent money making division, saying that the company will continue to grow in the image market with or without Toshiba's help. "(We) want to make sure that that's part of a strategy for continued growth of Sony." Sony is hunting the purchase of Toshiba's image sensor business in a $164.68 million deal, but the company's dominance in this market is not dependent on that transaction.

Hirai also said that the company's long ailing TV business is finally clawing its way back to profitability, stating "through a lot of creative products and a lot of restructuring, cost reductions and efficiencies" the division is making money again.

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