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HTC One A9 to Cost $500 in Two Weeks

News by Pablo Jimenez on Tuesday October 27, 2015.

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One A9
One A9

If you want to grab the HTC One A9 at its introductory price of $399.99 (directly from the company) then you will need to be quick. That's because the price will apparently go up a full $100 to $499.99 by November 7, which is eleven days away.

The cost of the HTC One A9 is the same worldwide to all distributors and operator partners. For end consumers, HTC's sales regions are given the freedom to set prices and promotions as they see fit for local market needs. The One A9 price in the US is a very limited-time promotional offer for that region's online store, as well as select HTC-only franchise stores. The offer is a special promotional pre-sale and is expected to conclude once the One A9 is available on-shelf at major retail and distributor partners.

After the promotional pre-sale offer ends, the new price in the US at htc.com will be $499.99 beginning 12:01 a.m. on 11/7.

At $400 we could make a case for the HTC One A9, although even that price point is crowded with some splendid handsets that offer more... we're thinking the Nexus 5X, Moto X Pure Edition, and OnePlus Two. However, at $500 we simply think the moderately spec'd HTC flagship One A9 is not worth the cost, and while we are hardly sages, we guess most consumers will agree with us.

It is funny, but if you really must have a HTC flagship, grab one of the One M9 variants instead.

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