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Microsoft Surface Mini was Real

News by Pablo Jimenez on Monday October 26, 2015.

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We have heard plenty of rumors about a Microsoft Surface Mini, a smaller (likely 8-inch) version of the company's larger Surface and Surface Pro tablets. Indeed, the device was widely tipped to be making its debut way back in September 2013, but it never materialized alongside the other Surface tablets... so, just a myth then?

Well, not quite as it seems that the Microsoft Surface Mini was very much a real product, or at least until Microsoft decided to kill the product. Redmond CEO Satya Nadella, and Stephen Elop decided that the company would not make any money from such a slate and that there were simply too many alternatives in the size range to compete with. It is certainly true that the Windows platform is mostly littered with tablets of 7 or 8 inches.

The confirmation of the Surface Mini came from Surface VP Panos Panay.

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