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Pre-Register for BlackBerry Priv Now

News by Micah Bartos on Thursday October 15, 2015.

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Interested in helping BlackBerry get back to being a major mobile players? The upcoming BlackBerry Priv is the best chance to just that, it runs the Android platform and looks to be an excellent handset. If you agree with that and have not turned your back on BlackBerry yet, you can pre-register to own the Priv when it is launched.

In a way, this is a pretty pointless step in the process as you are merely telling BlackBerry you like the Priv and are at least interested in it. There is no commitment to purchase and no money changes hands at this stage, and in fact you will not even have a handset reserved for you when it launches. What you will get is regular email updates regarding the device.

Yeah, we pretty much hate the notion of a pre-registration process, it is a tier that is completely unnecessary, what?s next, a pre-pre-registration stage. Anyway, we are sure BlackBerry will be eager to brag about the numbers if they end up being respectable and sweep them under the carpet if they are not.

The Priv will launch later in the year with a sliding 5.4-inch quad HD touchscreen that hides a full QWERTY keyboard underneath, while the panel will be curved ala the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The handset will be a full on flagship and will also come with a 3410 mAh juicer, 18 megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach camera and more.

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