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LG is the most Security Minded Android OEM

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 14, 2015.

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When we think of mobile security we think of BlackBerry's BB10 or at a push iOS, we rarely consider Android because of the numerous problems the platform has had. Forced to pick the most secure manufacturer on Android we would say Samsung with its robust KNOX security suite, which is pretty spiffing. However, a new research paper out of prestigious Cambridge University in the United Kingdom disagrees.

Indeed, the published paper suggests that it is in fact LG that is the most secure minded OEM on the Android platform. Researchers Daniel Thomas, Alastair Beresford, and Andrew Rice looked at 20,000 Android devices (what! There are that many?) and studied them for well-known security vulnerabilities.

Interestingly the study found that some 87% of all of those products is home to at least one security vulnerability. As a result and in the wake of the Stagefright exploit, the researchers recommend monthly or frequent security patches for Android devices, something Google and Samsung have already committed to prior to the paper.

Speaking of Google, it topped the list for producing the safest Android devices with its Nexus products. That's hardly a surprise as those Nexus products run stock Android and Google has always said that its core platform is the equal of iOS and BlackBerry in terms of safety. The company often laments what happens to the software in the hands of OEM's, but it is ultimately something that is out of Google's hands.

Out of the manufacturers that build for Android, LG was found to pay closest attention to the threats of cybersecurity lapses, followed by Motorola, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and ASUS.

source: Security Metrics for Android

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