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Apple Takes Home 90% of all Smartphone Profits During Q2

News by Ang Torres on Thursday October 08, 2015.

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While we generally try to stay out of the Android vs. iOS or Samsung vs. Apple debate, we have to laugh when people point out that Samsung's superior sales hurt Apple. The laughter is because Apple is cleaning up in just about every aspect, aside from having huge amounts of devices like Samsung does. Indeed, Apple's dominance in individual product sales and income has been highlighted again by a Bloomberg report that shows that Cupertino rakes in 90% of all the profit made by smartphones.

In other words, Apple does not have to compete with Samsung in terms of overall sales, and for that matter does not need to have iOS on as many devices as Android. That's not a knock against Samsung or Android either, nestled on my desk right now is a Galaxy S6 (my daily driver), and I could throw the argument the other way and say Google and Samsung do not need to compete against Apple to be successful.

It is eye opening to see that Apple takes home 90% of all smartphone profit though, does it add further to the fanboi tease that no one makes money on Android? Maybe, although we would point out that both Samsung and Google make plenty of cash from the platform.

Oh look, it turned into an Apple vs. everyone else article anyway.

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