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Samsung Gear S2 Launched in USA

News by admin on Saturday October 03, 2015.

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Gear S2
Gear S2

As promised, Samsung has released its Gear S2 smartwatch in the United States, with the wearable going on sale in the country on Friday (Oct 2). Those of you interested in getting one of them may be disappointed to see that Samsung has only made the Dark Grey variant so far, of course if Dark Grey is your thing then you're set.

You could always wait a while and get the Silver and Black (Classic) Gear S2 variants when they start shipping in three to four weeks. The Silver and Dark Grey devices are available for $299, while the classic will be shipping for $349.

In many ways, this is Samsung's response to many other wearables that have been released by its rivals. While not a direct take on the Apple Watch, Samsung has opted to offer both a sporty (Gear S2) and premium version (Gear S2 Classic), while the round faced design, a first for Samsung, is an answer to the likes of Huawei, Motorola, and LG.

Does the Gear S2 in its various guises match up to any of those rivals' wearables? Only time will really tell, but on first impressions it is a well-crafted smartwatch that seems to have the same drawbacks as always. That means while the Korean company's new product is good, it is still not a must have accessory unless you particularly want a smartwatch, although that is not a problem that is unique to Samsung.

The slick looking design will certainly appeal to those who want their smartwatch to look like a traditional timepiece, and unlike the LG G Watch R, the Gear S2's bezel actually works. In fact, it is Samsung's original rival to the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch and the bezel can be turned to control the Gear S2.

The sporty Gear S2 comes with a rubberized band, while the Classic features a premium leather strap, while both versions feature Samsung's own Tizen operating system. That's not a surprise, the company switched its wearables to the software last year and save for the occasional Android Wear foray Tizen will be the OS on all Samsung's smartwatches from now on.

That could well be a deal breaker for some, not least because it means you have to have a Samsung smartphone to operate the wearable. Tizen is also lacking apps, something the company readily admits, so that is definitely something you need to consider before jumping into the Gear S2. However, Samsung has plenty of clout in the industry, so expect Tizen to grow and misgivings to slowly slip away.

As for key specifications, the Gear S2 does not tread too far away from any other wearable we have seen before, and we cannot help but think until a company really changes the game in terms of specs and offers something unique, the wearable market will continue to be niche. Like the Apple Watch, the Gear S2 is a significant step in the right direction, but it is not a game changing product.

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