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Analysts Says BlackBerry should Ditch BB 10, we Disagree

News by Luke Jones on Thursday September 24, 2015.

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Analysts are sometimes right, sometimes state the bleeding obvious, and are sometimes plain wrong, and on this occasion we think Scotia Capital analyst Daniel Chan has got it wrong. He said that BlackBerry needs to ditch its BB operating system entirely and get on board with Google's Android on a full time capacity.

He says that the company can save $266 million per year by getting rid of the BB platform, and while it is hard to argue with a company in financial trouble saving money, we don't agree with the getting rid of BB part. Sure, we think BlackBerry would be wise to continue building smartphone with the Android OS on board, such as the upcoming Venice

"While BB10, in our opinion, is technologically superior to many mobile platforms, it has failed to generate the recovery BlackBerry had hoped for and continues to be the primary source of losses for the company."-David Chan, analyst, Scotia Capital

However, BB has some very specific qualities that we would like to see remain, especially in terms of security features and what the platform brings to the enterprise sector. Yes, BlackBerry could streamline its OS and make it more of a niche that fulfills a specific role in the market while its Android devices are for everyday consumers, but get rid of it? No thanks.

What do you think, are we clinging too dearly to the past when BlackBerry thrived or is there still some room left for the company's software?

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