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Samsung Pursuing Monthly Lease Program

News by Luke Jones on Monday September 21, 2015.

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Subsidized mobile contracts are slowly being phased out, especially in the United States. However, smartphone manufacturers will likely turn to their own upgrade models to ensure that their expensive products are still accessible. Apple launched the iPhone Upgrade Plan at its iPhone event earlier in the month and now it seems as though great rival Samsung will unveil a similar service.

Oh stop it you Apple fans, we can already hear you saying Samsung is copying Cupertino once again, but truthfully at this point the companies have borrowed off each other extensively. Samsung's particular pricing is not known or exactly how its monthly leasing plan will work, while it is likely the company will wait until the launch of the Galaxy S7 next year to reveal the new plan.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Plan lets consumers lease a new iPhone for as little as $32 per month and then upgrade it for a new model a year later. Wall Street analysts say this model is a money spinner for Cupertino because the company can refurbish the turned in handsets and sell them again. Samsung is likely to look for a similar method that can make it more money in the long term.

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