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Apple's iOS 9 Nears 20% Adoption Level through 3 Days

News by Luke Jones on Friday September 18, 2015.

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Apple is showing what a tight ship it runs once again as iOS 9 adoption rates are already approaching 20% just days after it launched. Of course, whether a tight ship is your particular thing or not is another matter, but it is impressive that Apple can get this kind of mass updating done efficiently.

Admittedly the source is a third party, so the near 20% adoption rate it not official. However, there is no reason to believe Mixpanel's figures are not at least someway true, Apple getting to 20% this quickly is hardly the shock of the century. The company says iOS 9 has now been pulled in by 18% of users of the platform, with just three days past since its release, and before the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus ship with the software on board.

While we do not buy into the whole iOS vs. Android update cycle thing, we would be remiss not to mention it. Google has made no secret about the fact that it would like higher adoption rates for new builds of Android, so the company probably sees the recent 20% threshold that Lollipop passed as a solid enough milestone. Nothing like Apple of course, but by now we should know the differences between the platforms and what challenges their particular ethos' present.

In other words, Android is never going to get adoption rates close to Apple's in terms of speed or overall adoption through the lifetime of a build, the ethos of the platform simply does not allow it. Is that good, bad, or unimportant? We?ll let you decide.

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