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Samsung Infringed Apple Software Patent

News by Luke Jones on Friday September 18, 2015.

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Apple vs. Samsung
Apple vs. Samsung

Oh yeah, do you remember the Apple vs. Samsung court battle that has been rumbling on in the United States for what seems like centuries? Well, that's still happening. Apple has just grabbed a "win" of sorts as the court found that Samsung infringed on Apple's software with some of its older Galaxy products may result in them being banned, if Samsung does not remove the naughty software in question that is.

We say a win of sorts for Apple because this saga is tiresome by now and the truth is Apple is a winner and a loser, while Samsung is a winner and a loser as well. Sure, Samsung has been found guilty of infringing Apple's patents in numerous cases, which is not really a dispute, so a win for Apple and a loss for Samsung then? Not quite as the punishment meted out to Samsung has been moderate at best, so Samsung wins and Apple loses, and we just. Don't. Care.

You may be thinking that a potential sales ban for Samsung for this latest infringement is really going to hit the South Korean company hard, but it won't. You see, these are some very old smartphones we are talking about, handsets Samsung does not even sell anymore. Besides, if these products were still available then the company would simply remove the software causing the problem.

As for Apple, it may now seek some kind of fine for Samsung, but no amount dished out by the court is likely to hurt the Korean company, or indeed appease Apple.

So, we guess that means this is not going to end anytime soon.

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