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A Look Back on Stagefright

News by admin on Monday September 14, 2015.

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Android Security
Android Security

We get it already, Android has many a security hole and is vulnerable to attacks. Whether you can live with that and appreciate the openness or not depends, and probably dictates whether you use Google's platform or turn to iOS, Windows, or even BlackBerry. Not that we are brushing it under the carpet or anything, security on Android is arguably the platform?s biggest problem moving forward and there are numerous attacks to be worried about.

The much publicized Stagefright is perhaps the most famed mobile breach of them all, think of the iCloud Leak scandal but worse because it is happening to normal folk and not celebrities stupid enough to store their tits in the cloud. Stagefright took advantage of a vulnerability in Android?s way of processing MMS messages and exploited them. The result was hacking teams able to take control of a device, including the camera and all files.

Worse still, the exploit was affecting 95% of all Android devices, although handsets running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop build were most at risk, hardly good news for Google. In a way Stagefright has had a positive result as it prompted some fundamental security changes. Many companies have covered their devices while Google and Samsung (the two chief Android companies) have both committed to monthly security patches... we expect others to follow suit.

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