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Samsung Galaxy S7: Early Rumors

Rumors by Luke Jones on Friday September 11, 2015.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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You know, most smartphone companies make no money and the only two that rake in profits on significant levels are Apple and Samsung. So, in the wake of Apple's iPhone 6s/6s Plus launch we are now turning our attention to the Galaxy S7, which is the next juggernaut smartphone on the horizon...

Wait a minute you are probably thinking; what about the LG G4 Pro, HTC Aero, and new flagships from Meizu, Xiaomi, Sony, and potentially all other major brands that will land before the S7 you cry? Well, when we say juggernaut device we mean in terms of sales; sure there are numerous exciting smartphones coming in the next six months, but the facts suggest that only Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S handsets sell in tens of millions.

Anyway, quite a digression, so back to the matter at hand. The Galaxy S7 is the next juggernaut smartphone on the horizon and with Apple out of the way the rumor mill is now churning for Samsung's next flagship. Sammy will apparently go back to a two variant model with some S7's sporting the company's own Exynos chipsets and other the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

Keeping up with this dual nature, there will apparently be a 5.2-inch version of the Galaxy S7 and interestingly a 5.7-inch variant. However, we doubt Samsung will make its flagship this big, not least because it puts it toe to toe with the company's own Galaxy Note 5... and there can only be one winner there, the one that would be holding the S Pen aloft at the end of the fight.

Samsung, doing things in two in seems as the latest reports hint that the Galaxy S7 will come with a dual camera setup similar to the HTC One M9, a lens that acts as the primary shooter and one used for depth and 3D kind of shots.

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