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Apple iPad Pro Launches

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday September 09, 2015.

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iPad Pro
iPad Pro

Apple has launched the iPad Pro today, the large screen tablet that the company says revolutionizes the slate market, although really it?s just Apple's take on the Microsoft Surface Pro. That's not a flippant comment either as the Surface Pro is excellent and from what we have seen of the iPad Pro so far, it is also excellent and very feature rich.

Arguably the most feature packed product Cupertino has even announced. It sports a 12.9-inch screen with Retina technology that offers a resolution higher than the MacBook. There is also a new generation A9X chipset that is 1.8 times faster than the A8X in the iPad Air 2, while Apple says the iPad Pro is faster than 80% of the portable laptops currently on the market. The company also says this product is better graphically than 90% of portable laptops on the market.

If you have followed Apple for years then the biggest news of the iPad Pro event could well be the announcement of the Apple Pencil. This is a company that had a CEO (Steve Jobs) who completely denounced the stylus as a possibility, but now Apple is launching a stylus. Well sort of, as like Samsung with the S Pen, Apple insists that the Apple Pencil is not a stylus at all and the truth is it is much more functional.

Of course plenty of people will jump all over Apple making another market U-Turn, but times have changed since Jobs' stylus remarks and the Apple Pencil bring plenty of new features to the iPad Pro.

Another peripheral coming with the iPad Pro is a SmartCover keyboard that will be a welcome addition to productivity fans who crave that physical touch.

Apple has placed a massive price tag on its new tablet that hopes to strike a chord with consumers and enterprise alike. The 32GB Wi-Fi entry level iPad Pro will cost a whopping $799, with the 128GB variant costing $949, and the 128GB LTE version coming in at $1079. Already dizzying price tags, but add to that a massive $169 for the keyboard and $99 for the Apple Pencil then you have something that costs the same as a high mid-range laptop.

Worth it? We like what we see so far, but there are so many options out there at the moment on the Windows platform that offer many of the core functions. Not goodies like the Apple Pencil maybe, but at least on Windows you get a full PC ecosystem. We are very interested by the iPad Pro, and high cost or not Apple is probably going to sell a lot.

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