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BlackBerry Bolsters Security with $425 million Good Technology Purchase

News by admin on Friday September 04, 2015.

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BlackBerry is finished, the company is sinking, give it a year. These are some of the things we still hear about BlackBerry to this very day. Sure, declining and consistently low smartphone sales point to a hardware company that may one day just stop building products. However, the company is actually behaving well for a rebounding giant, having decent quarters and some poor ones, but generally moving in the right direction.

The naysayers will instantly scoff at that, but it is what it is. We are no BlackBerry apologists here, the company has made numerous errors in recent years, hence the reason it is in its current situation. But we definitely recognize that the company is doing somethings right and CEO John Chen has been steering the Canadian giant well.

Indeed, we are seeing a company now more focused on services and its considerable security clout within enterprise... so, basically get those almost unimportant smartphone sales out of your head. BlackBerry has further signaled its shift in focus by acquiring Good Technology for $425 million, announcing the deal today. We do not really think that a company on the brink would splash nearly half a billion dollars on a new company.

Good Technology is a security company that will help BlackBerry further secure apps and frameworks within operating systems, further enhancing BlackBerry's reputation as the safest mobile company on the market. Good Technology is currently used by some 6200 companies, with over half of the Fortune 100 using the service.

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