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Nokia C1 is Company's Road Back into Smartphones

Rumors by Luke Jones on Friday September 04, 2015.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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Nokia C1
Nokia C1

Nokia will soon be able to build smartphones again. The Finnish company cannot do so until 2016, per the agreement signed when Microsoft bought the Lumia division. However, Nokia has been in development it seems and this render reportedly shows the smartphone the company will launch when it is back in the handset game.

Called the Nokia C1, this will be Nokia coming back boldly into the Android market. Of course, that in its self is strange as Nokia built on the Symbian platform previously and then became synonymous with Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system. So, will Nokia and the C1 be able to cut a path in the Android market and do something many companies on the platform fail to do, make some money?

It does really depend on the quality of the device, but there are plenty of very good smartphones hardly selling any significant numbers, just ask Sony and HTC. Is the Nokia name enough to entice some consumers? We imagine it is on some level, after all this company was the biggest phone maker in the world for several years when feature phones still had a grip on the market. However, again you can look to HTC and Sony to see how consumers are increasingly apathetic towards a former industry heavyweight.

This render is unlikely to be the C1 as it will arrive, but it is almost certainly a reference to how the handset will look. We are liking the screen to body ratio on this thing, although the overall design in this graphic looks a little basic, but of course that can change before launch. All news on the C1 so far points to it being a solidly spec'd budget smartphone, something Nokia showed it could pull off adeptly with affordable Lumia?s.

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