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Apple Dominates Money League, Few Android Companies Turn Profit

News by Luke Jones on Thursday September 03, 2015.

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Google maybe winning the platform war with Android enjoying a dominant market share over iOS, but it is Apple that is running away with all the cash it seems. Google's platform makes it plenty of money, but OEM's who build Android devices are struggling to make profits from mobile sales... what's that saying about there being no money in Android?

Indeed, only a handful of smartphone manufacturers are making any money, period. Apple is way out in front and positively raking cash in, Samsung is doing well despite recent declines, while LG and Xiaomi make minimal profit. The likes of Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Microsoft, and HTC are losing huge amounts each quarter.

Android is thriving, but will it continue to do so if companies are not making money off it? It is one of the most interesting questions in the industry over the coming years, especially if Samsung continues to explore its own Tizen software further.

As for the details, Apple is now well in front in terms of making money, with the iPhone manufacturer bringing in a whopping $185 on each unit sold. Samsung is next, but it is not a close second as the South Korean company only makes $33 off each smartphone it sells.

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