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Apple Dominates US Smartphone Sales over Samsung

News by admin on Friday August 14, 2015.

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Samsung said it would not launch the Galaxy Note 5 in the UK for market reasons, the United Kingdom is Apple dominated with 34% of smartphone sales going to the iPhone. But what about the United States? We smell a whiff of hypocrisy in the air as this is also an Apple dominated market but yet the Galaxy Note 5 will land stateside... those poor Brits!

It was revealed yesterday that Apple continues to beat Samsung in its home market, accounting for 44.1% of all smartphones sold in the month of June. The numbers gathered by ComScore reveal that Samsung sits in second place with a share of 28.1%, followed by fellow South Korean company LG in third with 8.3%. Rounding out the top five are Motorola with 4.9% and HTC with 3.4%, while away from iOS and Android are Windows Phones with 2.9% of the market and then BlackBerry with 1.2%, while it still amazes us that prehistoric Symbian nails 1% of the market.

Apple now sells more handsets than big rival Samsung in China, the USA, the UK, and Japan, not to mention several other nations in the EU Big 5. Those are some of the largest markets in the world, so how is Samsung so dominant overall? Well, having a vastly larger portfolio helps, but Samsung is making the difference in emerging markets in Latin America and Asia, especially in India where Apple has virtually no sales.

That's the reason why the rise of companies like Xiaomi and Meizu threaten Samsung's market position more than Apple.

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