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App Store has Fewer Apps than Google Play Store

News by admin on Monday July 27, 2015.

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Apple's App Store is a triumph and the company loves to boast just how much, frequently reeling off impressive stats to back up the store's position. However, Cupertino of course stays quiet about other areas, specifically the ones where the App Store loses to Android's Google Play Store. At the WWDC keynote recently CEO Tim Cook did not mention how many apps were now available, because the App Store has less that the Google Play Store.

The service still boasts some 1.5 million applications and games though, hardly a number to be sniffed at, but Apple only likes to speak about things it leads... naturally so. First we'll deal with the raw numbers with the App Store now boasting 1,507,779, slipping behind the 1,609,064 apps confirmed on the Google Play Store earlier this month. Of those apps on the App Store, 1,010,928 are iPhone specific, 481,970 are exclusive to the iPad, 545,000 will work on both, and 23,423 are for Mac.

So the data shows that Google is out in front in terms of the number of apps, but there is no doubt that Apple is still winning the app store race. 13% of the apps found on the Google Play Store are deemed to be low enough quality and unusable, and while we imagine the figure must be similar on the App Store it shows that both services probably have roughly the same number of genuine apps that can be used.

Either way, Apple is still monetizing its store and earning much more money from it compared to Google and the Play Store. Indeed, Cupertino still rakes in more than 70% of all app revenue across the industry and many big developers still focus apps towards iOS as a consequence. In terms of tablet apps, App Store offerings for the iPad are still vastly superior to the ones offered for Android slates, almost an undisputed fact, even for those who love Android.

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