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LG G4 Slumps in South Korea

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday July 15, 2015.

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Here at MobileBurn we think the LG G4 has been given a raw deal and think LG delivered what it was meant to, an improvement on the already fantastic G3. However, in an Android market where smartphone leader Samsung went all out with a seismic shift in its flagship range, consumers are less impressed by merely updating a device, just ask HTC about its One M9. It seems the G4 is lumped into that category and is suffering as a result.

LG already admitted it would lower sales expectations for the device and overall in 2015 and the first evidence of lower than expected sales comes in South Korea, LG?s homeland. As of the end of June the G4 is shifting between 3500 and 3800 units per day in Korea, and overall since launch has sold a disappointing 240,000 units.

The company was planning for the G4 to bring sales growth and originally predicted 12 million unit sales in 2015, a 20% rise over the 10 million G3 devices sold. LG's position in Korea is exasperated by the fact that Samsung's Galaxy S6 ranger has sold 1.3 million units in the country. Yes, the GS6 was launched three weeks before the G4, but that head start should not be enough for Samsung's flagship to be so far in front.

LG will surely be hoping that South Korean sales of are an isolated case, but it does not seem the G4 will be the hit the company thought it would be.

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