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Apple to Launch New iPod Touch Tomorrow

News by Luke Jones on Monday July 13, 2015.

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iPod Touch
iPod Touch

It's amazing how far personal technology has come in the last fifteen years. The iPod was so revolutionary when it arrived that it propelled Apple forward in leaps and bounds and set the ball in motion for the company to become the biggest tech brand ever. Now the iPod feels antiquated, which is astounding because it is one of the all-time classic products. The iPod Touch followed the now defunct Classic before it too was let go and discontinued. However, Apple could be about to bring back the iPod touch it seems.

You are also not going to have to wait long to see the iPod Touch either, with the device reportedly set for a launch tomorrow (July 14th). The new iPod Touch will replace the now out of stock iPod Touch 2012 5th gen and will bring new design and specs to the party. It will carry a similar design to the iPhone 6 and will get a 64-bit processor to boot.

Of course, the really story here is why Apple would want to resurrect the iPod Touch at all. The only reason we can think of is that the company thinks its own Apple Music coupled with an iPod Touch may appeal to those solely looking for a music player. However, it is no secret that the iPhone does all the things the Touch does and more, so you can color us confused but interested.

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