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Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Benched Again

News by admin on Thursday July 02, 2015.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 has been something of a failure. Sure, it had found its way into plenty of flagships and will likely land in a few more yet, but those devices have been plagued by overheating problems. While Qualcomm has denied a serious issue, there is evidence there (such as Samsung deciding not to use the 820) and we imagine the company cannot wait to move on from the Snapdragon 810.

The company will be doing that with the Snapdragon 820, a chipset the company is now working on with a launch likely later this year. We assume Qualcomm will get it very right with this flagship silicon and companies from ASUS to Samsung will be waiting to use it. Benchmark scores for the Snapdragon 820 are starting to trickle in, and while these early benches only hint at the overall performance, they do give us a look at the make up of the processor.

Qualcomm has said that it will start sending out consumer test devices soon and it certainly seems as though the company is speeding up the process in a bid to put the 810 drama behind it.

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