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Apple iPhone 6c to Sport Metal Body

News by admin on Wednesday July 01, 2015.

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iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c

What is Apple's most disappointing product of recent years? No, we are not running a poll as we think it was the iPhone 5c, a solid enough smartphone that was actually a slap in the face. You see, Apple wanted to offer an affordable (we are using the terms as loosely as possible) smartphone so announced the funky and colorful 5c.

All well and good so far, but Cupertino's execution was just a bit cheeky. The iPhone 5c was and is essentially a re-tooled iPhone 5, and by re-tooled we mean Apple ditched the elegant metal body of the 5 to replace it with plastic on the 5c. Sure, this is not a metal vs. plastic debate and the iPhone 5c feels quality in its own right, but essentially we wanted a new device or just the old iPhone 5, not a handset that felt like a compromise of both.

It is a lesson Apple may have learned as the company will apparently launch another "budget" smartphone this year, alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Analyst Ange Wu of Jefferies updated Apple's chief supplier Foxconn to buy yesterday, believing that the manufacturer is contracted to supply more than 50% of the iPhone 6c?s metal chassis.

That's right, Apple's iPhone 6c is imminent and it will sport a metal body. We are extremely interested to see how Apple will differentiate is from its higher spec'd models. Sure, the hardware will be different, but what visual differences will there be?

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