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Nintendo NX Console not getting Android

News by admin on Wednesday June 03, 2015.

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At the start of the week there were reports that Nintendo?s next games console would run the Android platform. We thought that was wishful thinking, and it seems we were right as the Japanese company (through a spokesman) has told the Wall Street Journal that "there is no truth to those reports".

Codenamed Nintendo NX, it will be a hugely important console for the games giant. After the massive success of the Wii, the follow up Wii U has been a disaster and sales and profits have plummeted. The Japanese company still has some gems to fall back on, such as rich games titles and handheld gaming, but Nintendo desperately needs the NX to be a hit.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have shown there is still an appetite for console gaming, but Nintendo needs to break into that realm, or indeed come up with another way of appealing to the masses, as the company has done so adeptly in the past with products like the Game Boy and Wii.

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