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Lenovo Launches New ThinkPad 10

News by Luke Jones on Thursday May 28, 2015.

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ThinkPad 10
ThinkPad 10

Lenovo has announced a brand new ThinkPad 10 tablet/laptop replacement at its TechWorld event in Beijing, China. This is a milestone product in some ways as it is the first officially announced device that is being marketed as a Windows 10 slate (although it is running Windows 8.1 for now). As for the slate itself, it is a high end performer that offers PC tasks in a portable package, almost exactly like Microsoft's excellent Surface 3.

This is the second generation ThinkPad 10 from Lenovo and the new device is content with merely polishing off some of the misses from the first version, while updating some hardware. It is a tablet that can quite easily become a small laptop with the addition of a keyboard. The screen is unchanged, a 10.1-inch Full HD panel with 16:10 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 224.

In terms of design, Lenovo has kept its traditional bland looks for its Windows slates, and indeed only the Surface is oozing quality in an aesthetic sense on this platform. This is more a functional device, and as it is business oriented we can forgive its boring looks.

Spec wise, the ThinkPad 10 comes with a choice of processor, either an Intel Atom Z8500 (1.44 GHz quad-core processor with burst frequencies of up to 2.24GHz) or an Atom Z8700 (1.6GHz quad-core CPU with burst frequencies of up to 2.6GHz). Elsewhere there is a choice of 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and a choice between 64GB and 128GB storage configurations.

While camera tech is bottom of the list for this kind of tablet, Lenovo has added a 5 megapixel main shooter with LED flash and an obligatory 1.3 megapixel lens at the front. There is LTE connectivity available, a micro SD card slot, and a 32Wh battery. The ThinkPad 10 will be launching in August and will cost $549.

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