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Twitter Hits Back Against T-Mobile

News by Luke Jones on Friday May 15, 2015.

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T-Mobile has put itself on the map as a major carrier in recent years by taking on its rivals head on. The company did not dance around Verizon (the biggest carrier in the United States) but instead hit it on the nose and pulled its pants down. However, the company's latest media offensive against Big Red seems to be backfiring a little, so is the T-Mobile bubble bursting.

We certainly wouldn't go that far, but the company's latest attack on Verizon is not gaining the same traction as previous campaigns. CEO John Legere and his team announced the #NeverSettleforVerizon campaign that lampooned Verizon's #NeverSettle and even paid $200,000 to have the tag trend on Twitter.

However, consumers (some using Verizon, others not) have hardly supported the new blitz, with some saying they are not impressed with company's attacking other brands, while others saying the settle for Verizon because of its superior service.

We discussed the #NeverSettleforVerizon plan last week.

The new campaign comes with the rather unsubtle hashtag #NeverSettleforVerizon and it is in place to sell a new plan T-Mobile is offering. The plan obviously puts itself firmly against Big Red by offering Verizon's customers to try out T-Mobile while leaving the door open for them to return to Verizon if they want.

It works like this. A Verizon customer can port their cellular number to a handset running on T-Mobile's network and hold onto their Verizon device at the same time. If they are not sold on the Magenta Network after the trial, they can make their return back over to Big Red by porting their number back and returning the T-Mobile smartphone. If however they do like T-Mobile, the company will pay off up to $650 in Early Termination Fees to bring the customer off Verizon.

Of course, John Legere is the business world's ultimate troll and he will undoubtedly feel that any publicity still put his company in the spotlight, so he is probably loving the Twitter backlash. He will undoubtedly put a good spin on this episode and continue to bloody the nose of Verizon in the process.

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