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LG Dominates Screen Market with 68% and 90% of Revenue

News by admin on Wednesday May 13, 2015.

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We have discussed before how Sony's camera lens making business is thriving in the mobile space, and in fact is propping up the ailing Xperia brand. Sony is not the only major manufacturer enjoying success beyond its handsets though, with market research firm DisplaySearch saying 68% of all smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2015 had a LG screen on the front.

Needless to say, LG does not have 68% of the handset market, so many of the screens were on third party smartphones from rival companies. Not only is LG leading the way in how many devices have its screens, but the Korean company is really cleaning up in revenue. 90.9% of all revenue in the smartphone screen business from the first quarter was made by LG.

Indeed, the company is so far in front that second placed Samsung Display only brought in 3.9% of revenue, which is not even close to the $148 million LG made from its panels. Of course, LG's smartphone hardware business is also doing pretty well, so the company is really starting to make its print on the handset market.

source: DisplaySearch

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