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Qualcomm Responds to Snapdragon 810 Overheating Problems

News by admin on Thursday May 07, 2015.

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Qualcomm is suffering a bit of a marketing crisis at the moment thanks to its flagship Snapdragon 810 processor. The chip has been reported to suffer from overheating problems, and apparently this prompted Samsung to use its own Exynos processors in the Galaxy S6 and for LG to use the lesser Snapdragon 808 chipset.

However, things seem to be turning around with an updated version of the Snapdragon 810 running in the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and not overheating, at least through benchmarking. However, Qualcomm says that the chip has never overheated in any handset and that it was a reported issue that never left development.

Qualcomm's VP of marketing, Tim McDonough, claimed in an interview that there were early issues with the chipset and it did overheat in the HTC One M9 and the LG G Flex 2. However, he insisted that these issues were always pre-release, saying "Pre-released hardware doesn't act like commercial hardware, it's just part of the development process".

The rumours are rubbish, there was not an overheating problem with the Snapdragon 810 in commercial devices. If that's true, which we're saying it is, why was there so much rumour? Why was someone spreading false information about the 810? Our point of view is that those rumours happened with the LG G Flex 2 and Qualcomm 810 being first to market with the premium-tier application processor. Then somebody decided to put out some false rumours about that, which is unfortunate but sometimes that's how business is done. That has forced us to spend a lot of time addressing the false rumours."-Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, Qualcomm

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